With The Light

With The Light

You are looking at a set of THE LATEST, BRAND NEW,  ORIGINAL, STILL SEALED IN WRAP Japanese Drama box set. Japanese Languages with Chinese subtitle. Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions, thank you for looking!

Title: With The Light

STARRING: Ryoko Shinohara, Satomi Sobayashi, Tatsuya Yamguchi, Shinji Takeda, Anju Suzuki

BRIEF SUMMARY: Sachiko and Masato Azuma, in their fourth year of marriage, had been so excited about the birth of their long-waited first child.  They named their baby body Hikaru (meaning " light " in Japanese).  Nobody doubted that the birth of their precious son Hikaru would bring great happiness to the Azuma's family life.  Until one day, Sachiko noticed something different about Hikaru.  This heartwarming drama is a story about family.  Hikaru's mother goes through so many difficulties raising her artistic young son, sometimes so overwhelmed that she doesn't know what to do.  Then at Hikaru's school, with the help of one very special teacher,  she learns to deal with her son's autism, and think positive about her family life.  Her story will touch the hearts of everyone, especially mothers.  This drama is dedicated to the mothers around the world.  Love conquers all!!!



劇 名﹕與光同行

劇 情﹕由於丈夫雅人(山口達也 飾)工作異動,所以一家都跟著搬到橫濱,不過雅人的妻子--幸子(滌原涼子 飾)跟兒子光(齊藤隆成 飾)卻是坐新幹線隨後再到。光---是個有些特別的孩子,已經到了年齡卻還不會說話,不愛理人,平常相當安靜,沒想到來到東京之後卻出現了許多異常行為:在計程車內大吵大鬧、扔下媽媽自己亂跑、爬到大廈頂頭差點摔下來──幸好被身穿和服,遭相親對象放鴿子的里緒(小林聰美 飾)救了下來。里緒其實是小學裡的特教老師,在幸子尚未發現前就看出光的不尋常,後來也陪著光與他的家人們一起走過一段歲月。愈來愈覺得兒子不對勁的幸子帶光去做了檢查之後,才曉得光有自閉症。從無法接受到正視事實,然後試著去了解自閉症,了解光的世界,也試著讓外人可以了解、接納光,從幸子與雅人開始,到幸子的媽媽裕子、婆婆貴子、鄰居、學校裡的教職員、小朋友們、他們的家長……這份影響力也逐漸向外擴大……

演 員: 山口達也 滌原涼子 齊藤隆成 小林聰美




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