Last Christmas

Last Christmas

You are looking at a set of THE LATEST, BRAND NEW,  ORIGINAL, STILL SEALED IN WRAP Japanese Drama box set. Japanese Languages with Traditional Chinese subtitle.

Title: Last Christmas

STARRING: Yuji Oda, Akiko Yada, Hiroshi Tamaki, Mirai Moriyama, Nana Katase, MEGUMI, Maki Tamaru

BRIEF SUMMARY: It's fall 2004. Kenji Aoki, manager of the Project Department of a major sporting goods manufacturer is in a ski resort in New Zealand. He has just finished helping out in a skiing event sponsored by his company, and finally has time to ski with his subordinate, Tappei Hayama. Just when Kenji is enjoying relief from work, he receives a call from Goro Shintani. "My car got stuck in the snow. Help me out."

Goro is Kenji's friend from college, but is now a board member of Kenji's company. Despite the fact that Goro is only 36-years old, he was promoted to his current position with the help of his father, the president of the company. As long as Goro is boss, Kenji can't refuse his orders. When Kenji arrives at the site, he discovers Goro with a beautiful and well-mannered girl. She is Yuki Aoi, Goro's secretary.

A few days after the skiing incident, Kenji sees a moving truck in front of his apartment. Somebody has moved into the vacant room right next to Kenji's. The two rooms were originally one room, but had been divided into two separate small rooms at some time in the past. Now only a wall and a sealed door separated the two rooms.

While observing the moving process, Kenji hears his new female neighbor using extremely vulgar language. She also has a terrible attitude. While still in shock at how boorish girls can be, Kenji picks up a photograph that has fallen from the girl's luggage. It's a picture of a female motorcycle gang—posing with their long hair bleached blond, dressed in flamboyant costumes, and wielding piercing looks.

"Oh boy, look at my new neighbor" thinks Kenji. He glances at the lady working downstairs and is taken back to see Yuki, the well-mannered girl he met at the ski resort. She's a Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde.

Since this day on, Kenji is amazed and disgusted at Yuki's way of life. There's a constant flow of different guys visiting Yuki's room. Knowing both of Yuki's polar personalities, Kenji is speechless at how well Yuki manages to balance her two extreme characters.

One day, Goro visits Kenji's apartment. Just when they're enjoying a chat about the good old days, there is a knock on Kenji's door. It's Yuki, and she's very drunk. Without opening the door, Kenji asks what she wants. Yuki says she dropped her keys and can't get inside. She wants to use the door between Kenji's room somehow to get in. Sensing that Goro has feelings for Yuki, Kenji manages to get Goro to leave from a different exit and lets Yuki inside.



劇 情﹕某個星期天,健次(織田裕二 飾)回到自家公寓後,發現隔壁正在搬家。當健次正想回到自己房間的時候,他發現到工作人員掉了東西在地上。撿起來後發現那是暴走族的女太保們聚會的照片。健次慌張地把照片撿起來放回原位,然後用手機向達平(森山未來)報告隔壁住來了一個曾經是太保的人。健次在陽台看著搬家工作的進行,突然看到一名女性正在指示著工作人員。看到那位女性的臉孔,健次嚇了一跳。因為她正是他在滑雪場遇到的那位楚楚可憐的女性,也就是伍郎(伊原剛志)的祕書由季(矢田亞希子)。在公司裡面,健次是個精明能幹的領導者,但是,由季呢…?由季的房間,每天都有拿著禮物來拜訪的男性社員進進出出。而且還每天都不同的人…健次對於這樣的現象只能頻頻搖頭…

演 員: 矢田亞希子, 玉木宏、森山未來、片瀨那奈、MEGUMI、涼、伊原剛志




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