The Queen's Classroom

The Queen\'s Classroom

You are looking at a set of THE LATEST, BRAND NEW,  ORIGINAL, STILL SEALED IN WRAP Japanese Drama box set. Japanese Languages with Traditional Chinese subtitle. Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions, thank you for looking!

Title: Jyoou No Kyoushitsu (The Queen's Classroom)

STARRING: Amami Yuki, Hara Sachie, Naitou Takashi, Hada Michiko

BRIEF SUMMARY: Yuki Amami plays Maya Akutsu, a sixth-grade teacher who dresses all in black and is repeatedly referred to as "oni sensei" (the teacher from hell), when, in fact, she seems to be an ultra realist at heart. The drama focuses on a year in her classroom and, particularly, the effect it has on 12-year-old Kazumi--a nice but mediocre student whose parents want to send her to a private secondary school.

 In Japanese society, she lectures, those who work hard or have influence get all the privileges, and the lazy or less affluent end up with the leftovers. She says only six in 100 people can expect to be happy and the elite already have most of the advantages and access to the best medical care. She tells them that, as products of the public school system, they will have to scramble to get anything at all, and most of them will end up as "bonjin" (ordinary people), to whom those on the top will be happy to leave the soldiering and service-sector jobs.


劇 名﹕女王的教室

劇 情﹕魔鬼教師阿久津(天海佑希 飾)將來到這個6年3班的班上擔任導師,傳說中她的班級會發生許多可怕的事件,像是上課中不准去上廁所,開學的座位按成績高低來排,每週定期考試成績最低者要當班上的值日生還有班代,總而言之就是雜務工,成績好的人有特權,只要第一堂課不遲到,不參加朝會也可以,種種嚴格的規定一一出爐,這個班級的學生將會用怎樣的方式跟這樣的老師相處下去呢?

演 員:  天海佑希 羽田 美智子 原沙知繪  志田 未來 內藤 剛志




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