The Way We Live

The Way We Live

You are looking at a set of THE LATEST, BRAND NEW, ORIGINAL, STILL SEALED IN SHRINK WRAP Japanese Drama box set. Japanese Languages with Chinese subtitle.

Title:  The Way We Live (Boku to Kanojo To Kanojo No Ikiru Michi)

STARRING: Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, Koyuki , Azuma Mikihisa, Yamaguchi Sayaka

BRIEF SUMMARY:  The hit drama "The Way I Live" aired from January 2003, and told the moving story of one man who tried to reshape his life after learning that he only had a year left to live.

A year later, a new heart-warming drama is about to begin. The theme of "The Way We Live" is the "bonds between people": the ties that cannot be broken or jeopardized.  Traditionally, the bonds of marriage and bonds between families were strong and secure. But in society today, the increasing number of divorces and cases of child abuse are testing these bonds.

The characters of "The Way We Live" question themselves about the meaning of bonds, love, life, and happiness.


劇   名﹕我和她和她的生存之道 (我們的生存之道)

劇   情﹕以工作為生活重心的小柳徹郎 ( 草剪剛 飾 ) 一天在家裡吃早餐時,突然聽到妻子可奈子 ( 涼 飾 ) 提出要跟他離婚的請求,不以為意的他答應可奈子會早點下班談談,沒想到因為應酬爽約的他回到家時,卻發現可奈子已經離家出走......
只留下女兒凜(美山加戀 飾)一人.....。

不知如何照顧凜的徹郎覺得凜是個累贅,對疼愛凜的家庭教師 - 北島由良(小雪 飾)卻擺出一副只有他最了解凜的樣子。一天,接到凜住院的消息,卻很晚趕來的他只好接受凜外婆的建議,讓凜跟外婆一起住。

演 員: 草剪剛, 小雪,東幹久, 山口紗彌加




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