Give Me Another Kiss

Give Me Another Kiss

You are looking at a set of BRAND NEW, ORIGINAL, STILL SEALED IN WRAP Japanese Drama box set. Japanese Languages with Chinese subtitle.

Title:  Give Me Another Kiss  (Mouichido Kisu )

STARRING: Kubozuka Yosuke, Yun Sonha, Oda Erika, Kokubu Sachiko, Isaki Mitsunori, Kashiwabara Shuji, Kato Masaya

BRIEF SUMMARY:  Talented composer Ayumu is fed up of trying to please his father. At 20 years-old, he has no idea what he truly wants out of life. When he takes a trip to Korea, falling in love is the last thing he expects. 'Reika', although at the apex of Korean stardom, is another lost soul. When she and Ayumu encounter each other, an instinctive bond draws them together. However, their happiness is shattered when Ayumu learns that 'Reika' is a famous singer, Yun Son-Ha. Feeling unworthy of her, Ayumu walks away. He is determined to return to her a stronger man; albeit the path leading back to his loved one is strewn with obstacles. This delicately woven drama tells the tale of a young couple who realize their inner strength to discover their true place in life and in love.


劇   名﹕漢城生死戀(再吻一次)  

劇   情﹕就讀音樂大學的三枝步(漥塚洋介飾演),因為救了遭教授非禮的女友野村美和(國分佐智子飾演),可能遭受退學處分。阿步樂團的朋友本田昭典(柏原收史飾演)報名了「漢城音樂嘉年華」樂團選拔賽,阿步便跟大伙到韓國散心。在「音樂嘉年華」,阿步的樂團演唱了日本當紅樂團「J」的歌曲。阿步遇見了韓國女孩玲花(尹孫河飾演),玲花表示很欣賞他們的表演。阿步表示他們唱的是日本人氣樂團的歌曲,玲花卻說「唱別人的歌,對你而言有何意義」。回國之後,阿步得知父母已經離婚,而原本可能遭退學的他,因為父親關說而免於退學,阿步頓感不知該何去何從。阿步在街上徘徊時,竟然看見美和跟昭典親密地走在一起,後來又聽到崇拜的樂團「J」成員自殺的消息。就在此時,他在路上看到了玲花…

演 員: 漥塚洋介 尹孫河 國分佐智子 加藤雅也




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