Ningen No Shoumei

Ningen No Shoumei

You are looking at a set of  BRAND NEW,  ORIGINAL, STILL SEALED IN WRAP Japanese Drama box set. Japanese Languages with Chinese subtitle.

Title: Ningen No Shoumei (Proof Of The Man)

STARRING: Takenouchi Yutaka, Natsukawa Yui, Ohsugi Ren, Tanabe Seiichi

BRIEF SUMMARY: The police raid a club in Roppongi, Tokyo - a trendy area of the city that attracts youths and more recently drug trafficking. When a drug dealer tries to escape from a club with a gun in hand, the whole club goes into chaos. But one man ignores the gun pointed directly at him and blocks the dealer's path. It's Ichiro Munesue, a cop from the local police station. The drug dealer struggles to get away, but Ichiro subdues him and makes a brilliant arrest.

When Ichiro returns to the police station, his boss announces his appointment to Central Headquarters - a great promotion for a cop working the local beat like Ichiro. Off the clock, Ichiro is very gentle, but when it comes to being a cop, he is obsessed with arresting criminals. At times, Ichiro does spin out of control, however. His superiors consider his actions brave and driven by a strong sense of justice - which is why he was promoted. His new boss, Eizaburo Nasu is looking forward to Ichiro's arrival.

One day an African-American man is found dead on a small island in Daiba, Tokyo. He has a deep wound in his chest, indicating that he was stabbed by a very sharp knife. The man seemed to have been walking along the long land bridge that connects the beach and the island. Ichiro teams up with a veteran cop, Atsushi Yokowatari, to tackle this case. But their investigation goes nowhere. The man was found dead at the entrance of the land bridge, but it would have been almost impossible for him to walk the distance with such a deep wound. The police conclude that he was killed elsewhere. However, witnesses near the bridge claim that nobody else but the American man passed through the area.

No one knows who the man was. And he had no identification on him. The only clue to the case is his final words heard by a passerby - "stoha."

What is the mystery behind the man's dying message?


劇 名﹕人間證明

劇 情台場有一個黑人被殺了. 剛被分派到本局搜查一課的棟居弘一郎(竹野內 豐),與刑警老手橫渡 篤(大杉 漣)一同負責案件的調查,但搜查遇到瓶頸.雖知道被害者的名字是強尼愛華,但不能確定犯罪地點, 從他身上沒搜出東西,也不能確定他的身分.唯一的線索是他死的時候,喃喃念著「史多哈」. 臨終遺言「史多哈」,這到底意味著甚麼呢? 此時,有名的短文作家郡恭子(松慶子)表示將出馬神奈川知事.代替半年前腦中風病倒的丈夫參選.小山田武夫(國村 隼)曾經是工廠的經營人,但三年前被崩塌的建材壓傷,而須使用輪椅.代替武夫,文枝(橫山 MEGUMI)開始當起銀座的酒店小姐.最近外面似乎有男人.事實上文枝在外有一個叫新見隆(風間杜夫)的愛人. 另外,翔平(高岡蒼佑)和路子(松下奈緒)為了賺取零花而協助私賣麻藥.兩人要將,六本木俱樂部逃過搜捕的男子所寄放的麻藥和槍枝,當作不法投棄的垃圾丟置到山堐下.而這碰巧這被文枝撞見. 棟居到被害者當天所到地探查,當時正舉行著恭子的簽名會.棟居因而遇見, 青梅竹馬本宮桐子(夏川結衣)來採訪恭子. 到強尼被殺的地點在次搜查的棟居…

演 員: 竹野內豐, 夏川結衣, 大杉漣, 田邊誠一




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