Fire Boys

Fire Boys

You are looking at a set of THE LATEST, BRAND NEW, ORIGINAL, STILL SEALED IN SHRINK WRAP Japanese Drama box set. Japanese Languages with Chinese subtitle. Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions, thank you for looking!

Title: Fire Boys

STARRING: Yamada Takayuki, Uchiyama Rina, Konishi Manami

BRIEF SUMMARY:  Daigo has survived six months of hard training to become a firefighter. Right after his graduation ceremony, he rushes to Medaka-ga-oka High School, because he can't wait to tell Shizuka, his former homeroom teacher, that he has finally become a firefighter.

It was Shizuka who recommended that Daigo become a firefighter. When Daigo was still small, he was miraculously rescued from a disastrous fire. Since then, it had always been Daigo's dream to become a firefighter. However, in high school, he had forgotten all about his dream and had no idea of what he wanted to be when he grew up. That was when Shizuka reminded Daigo of his dream.

Daigo gets assigned to Medaka-ga-oka Fire Department, which is located in his hometown. He heads to work with great expectations, but what Daigo sees is far from what he had in mind. The Fire Chief Hajime Gomi, and the rest of the crew seem to be far too undisciplined for firefighters.

As a rookie firefighter, Daigo gets dispatched to put out fires at schools, houses, and save cats stuck on roofs. Working with Hajime and others, Daigo acquires the knowledge and skills necessary for the job. He also learns about teamwork and how difficult it is to save a person's life. Daigo's colleagues are the rookie Shiro, fire truck driver Mahiru, Mitsuru, Hikosuke, Hiroshi, and paramedic Jun. At first, Daigo acts alone without thinking, and is seen as a trouble-maker. However, his instincts as a firefighter are exceptionally sharp, and he soon gains the recognition of his fellow firefighters.

Fire is not the only thing challenging Daigo in this story. While he still has feelings for his first love Shizuka, Mahiru and Jun are also on his mind. Daigo's rival Shiro seems to be after these women too...


劇   名﹕火男孩

劇   情﹕朝比奈大吾 ( 山田孝之 飾 ) 是個從小懷抱著熱情與理想,一心一意想當個正義感十足的消防隊員。好不容易從消防隊員的學校畢業典禮拿到結業證書的他,馬上想將這個好消息跟他的恩師 - 靜香 ( 小西真奈美 飾 ) 分享。帶著滿腔的熱血向『目高之丘』消防局報到之後,卻發現他的前輩竟然是學校的死對頭甘粕 ( 塚本高史 飾 ) 還有不服輸的女消防隊員真晝 ( 內山理名 飾 ) ,更令他吃驚的是睡午覺的局長五味一 ( 鹿賀丈史 飾 )...... 不料,第一個發生火災的現場竟然是他的母校 ......?

演 員: 山田孝之, 內山理名, 石黑賢, 鹿賀丈史




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