House Of Devil

House Of Devil

You are looking at a set of BRAND NEW, ORIGINAL, STILL SEALED IN WRAP Japanese Drama box set. Japanese Languages with Chinese subtitle.

Title: House Of Devil / Don't Be A Cry Baby (Oni No Sumika)

STARRING: Fukada Kyoko, Kelly Chen, Okae Kumiko

BRIEF SUMMARY:  After a car accident kills both her parents, the 16-year-old Ayumi (Fukada) and her brother are adopted by their aunt and uncle respectively. Their nightmares begin after they move in with the two families. Ayumi is forced to quit school and work in Water Inn, which is owned by her aunt's husband, who seems to be filled with hatred for Ayumi. In the inn, Ayumi is surrounded by people who seems to either hate her or dislike her. Her only friend is Lin (Chen) who is an illegal foreign worker. When she runs into troubles, she has 3 guardian angels who takes turn to help her: her aunt, Lin, and Sasaoka Yuzuri, the son of a politician and who has a promising future. Yuzuri's interest in her, however, incurs the jealousy of her cousin and the wrath of her uncle who loves his own daughter Yuriko (Nakamura) very much. In the meanwhile, she also has to find ways to bring her brother under her own protection, after she finds out that the Aomori family does not welcome him at all.


劇   名﹕鬼之棲家

劇   情﹕亞由美(深田恭子)的爸媽因車禍突然過世,屍體落入大海並未尋獲。在親戚幫忙辦完其父母的喪事後,亞由美的阿姨黑川尚子的舅舅,分別帶走了亞由美跟弟弟高志。亞由美本來是個嬌生慣養的十六歲女生,被送到阿姨家之後,姨丈黑川幸彥首先就不准她繼續上學,並要她在家裡所經營的溫泉旅館當女傭。阿姨希望亞由美能與女兒黑川百合子(中村愛美)同住一間房,卻受到百合子的排斥並處處為難她;阿姨的兒子黑川和之失學在家,還想非禮強姦亞由美但沒有得逞。由天堂跌入地獄的亞由美想要逃走,姨丈卻告訴她,由於她父母死後留下一堆債務,因此要亞由美在溫泉旅館工作以償還其代墊的債務,亞由美在別無選擇的情形下,只好繼續留在溫泉旅館裡工作

演 員: 深田恭子.藤木直人.陳慧琳.中村愛美.星野真理




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