Love Magician

Love Magician

You are looking at a set of BRAND NEW, ORIGINAL, STILL SEALED IN WRAP Japanese Drama box set. Japanese Languages with Chinese subtitle.

Title: Love Magician  (Boku No Mahou Tsukai  )

STARRING:  Ito Hideaki, Shinohara Ryoko

BRIEF SUMMARY: Ryoko and Hideaki is a newly wed who can not part from each other.  Hideaki gave up a promotion and quits his job because he can not bear the thought of leaving Ryoko behind in Japan.  In order to make a living, they started to look for a job together. There is catch, both of them have to work in the same place. of course, no company would do that........and one day....   A guy named Tamachi, who was born with the rare super natural power which allow him to have beyond normal good memory. He uses his natural gift to  teach memory improvement classes that makes him  into a multimillionaire. He  accidentally ran into Ryoko face on who was riding a bicycle, and bonked their head .  Tamachi is extremely worried that he might have lost his super natural  power due to this accident.  Believe or not , the supernatural power was transferred to Ryoko who has no idea till later on.  Finally against all odds, Hideaki and Ryoko found a eccentric  advertising company  who will hire both of them  ........ oh! yeah, what will Ryoko do with her new found super natural talent with life or work?  It's a funny, magic love story that will bring a breeze to this hot hot summer!!!!

劇   名﹕愛情魔法使(我的魔法使)

劇   情"田町浩二(谷田新太 飾)是個有恐怖記憶能力還開了連鎖補習班的超級能力者,年營業額還高達30億。一天,不小心跟留美(篠原涼子 飾)騎腳踏車相撞,非常擔心自己的腦袋是否有受到損害。留美跟他的老公道(伊藤英明 飾)非常的恩愛,道為了留美放棄到巴黎升遷的機會,並且也辭職了。兩人還異想天開的要一起找到工作不料...沒有一家公司肯一起僱用他們倆人,直到遇到什麼都做的廣告代理店店長蟹(西村雅彥 飾)...


演 員: 伊藤英明 篠原涼子 古田新太 西村雅彥



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