Marusa Tokyo Tax Bureau

Marusa Tokyo Tax Bureau

You are looking at a set of THE LATEST , BRAND NEW, ORIGINAL, STILL SEALED IN WRAP 2003 Japanese Drama box set. Japanese Languages with Chinese subtitle. Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions, thank you for looking!

Title: Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau (Marusa!)

STARRING: Esumi Makiko, Miyake Ken, Ikeda Maki, Azuma Mikihisa, Nekoze Tsubaki

BRIEF SUMMARY: Within the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau, a.k.a., "Marusa," there is a section called the Third Co-ordination Division. The mission of the members of this division is to detect both complex and shrewd forms of tax evasion, which the bureau is normally unable to uncover through normal tax inspection procedures.

In this drama, "Marusa" investigates a Yakuza boss who's been making tons of money by running an illegal casino; an economic critic who is a famous tax reform crusader; a writer whose books constantly make the best-selling list; and a bank cashier who has the nickname "the professor of tax evasion techniques," although she doesn't actually commit tax evasion herself.

In order to catch those that commit tax fraud, "Marusa" members have the authority to work "undercover." Through various investigation techniques, such as wearing disguises, wire tapping, and breaking into and searching the premises of suspected felons-all of which would normally be considered illegal-"Marusa" tries to bring the wrongdoings of criminals to light.

The key person in this unit is a female inspector by the name of Kaneko Tsuburaya. Always carefully carrying out her mission step-by-step, Kaneko is the most powerful and sexiest heroine ever.


劇   名﹕東京國稅調查局

劇   情藏持(東幹久 飾)是東京國稅局調查三課的總長,三課一向被認為不如一課的精英跟二課承辦的大案件。而三課裡面的調查員們也總是一付懶散的樣子,有為了買一個LV包包一天省下32.26元滷蛋的加音子(江角真紀子 飾),還有上班打電動的新人富永滿(三宅健 飾)更有什麼都不知道的調查員.....,藏持也常常被一二課的總長看不起,還被說成是『不可燃的垃圾』.....。一天,國領主稅拿來了一份密報的逃稅案件請他們調查......




演 員: 江角真紀子 東幹久 香川照之 三宅健



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