My Mother In Law And I

My Mother In Law And I

You are looking at a set of BRAND NEW,  ORIGINAL, RARE, STILL SEALED IN SHRINK WRAP Japanese Drama  box set. Japanese Languages with Chinese subtitle.

Title:  My Mother In Law and I (Okaasan To Isshou )

Cast: Mizuno Miki, Kaito Ken, Oguri Shun, Miyamoto Maki

Story:  At a lunch-box delivery shop in an old part of Tokyo, a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are bickering yet once again. Should bath water be drained from the tub or saved? Should food in the refrigerator be thrown out or kept? How should the household budget be spent? "These two never seem to run out of things to fight about" the daughter-in-law's husband thinks to himself.

Married for three years, the daughter-in-law is 28. She works helping out at her husband's lunch-box delivery shop and has a daily schedule busy enough to make her head spin. Blessed with a good head on her shoulders and a flair for athletics, she is the kind of person that takes action before the words come out of her mouth. Her one problem is the fact that she is overly opinionated.

Two people that have personalities this different are doomed to not get along from the beginning. The daughter-in-law thinks the mother-in-law 'has no tact, is brazen, and always expects a reward for what she's done for others.' In turn, the mother-in-law thinks the daughter-in-law 'doesn't have a cute bone in her body, has a nervous disposition, and is just too stubborn.'

It is a miracle that the son/husband was able to get these two to live under the same roof in the first place. He has a bright personality, and is very hard-working. He is on the scatterbrain side, and drinks a little too much, but people seem to really take to him well. Though being caught up in middle of the trouble between his mother and wife, he always seems to come up with a plan to extinguish both of their fuses.

劇   名﹕

演   員﹕水野美紀 松本 海東健 小栗旬

劇   情珠代(水野美紀 飾)為了貼補家用參加電視猜謎拿獎金的節目,正進行到10萬元關卡時,珠代打電話向家裡求救,沒想到電話卻被婆婆搶了去,還跟主持人告狀說她是惡媳婦....隔天,和良介一起賣便當時,還被顧客認出來.....珠代一直想要過年的時候跟良介好好的過兩人世界,但是每次都被婆婆破壞,他們之間長久以來的婆媳戰爭將會.....有什麼改變呢?



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