Hesitation Of Love

Hesitation Of Love

You are looking at a set of RARE﹐ BRAND NEW,  ORIGINAL, STILL SEALED IN WRAP Japanese Drama box set. Japanese Languages with Non Removable Chinese subtitle.

Title: Hesitation Of Love

STARRING: Naoto Takenaka, Shinobu Otake, Anju Suzuki, Miki Nakatani

BRIEF SUMMARY: Weary of his life as a salary man, the main character of this drama decides start life over at the age of 40. His choices in shaping this new life, however, are complicated by three women, each representing a dramatically different direction for him. He had met one through an earlier match-making introduction, while the second is a younger woman with questionable morals, and the third is an old flame.
  One man, three women. He has different feeling for each women.  Love has been secretly growing among the man and the woman. A ordinary person like he is, he couldn't decide where his love will land at last.  This is a drama about relationship between man and women, friendship among the women, and how ordinary people like us learn the true meaning of love and life.


劇   名﹕戀愛迷宮

劇   情﹕在三個女人之間,不同的感覺,不一樣的情愫同時滋長著,猶豫不決的男主角,最後的愛將落向何處。 看平凡人對愛情的憧憬﹐看女人的心靈深處 該真實面對自己的愛或隨波築流男主角該如何決擇﹐如何走出著愛情的迷宮

演 員: 竹中直人 中谷美紀 鈴木杏樹




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