Beach War Mix

Beach War Mix

You are looking at a set of BRAND NEW, ORIGINAL, STILL SEALED IN WRAP Japanese Drama box set. Japanese Languages with Chinese subtitle. Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions, thank you for looking!

Title: Beach Wars Mix (Saotome Typhoon)

STARRING: Kato Haruhiko, Yoshizawa Yu﹐Ishiki Sae, Shinohara Ryoko,

BRIEF SUMMARY:  A story about a few lifeguards trying to protect their beach. The beach has had it's bad luck with people dying that one of the main lifeguards is becoming too strict but he's trying to make sure that it's so safe that the beach doesn't close down. On the other side is a Natto corporation that wants the beach closed and wants something bad to happen. The life of the lifeguards and the beach changes with the return of a former lifeguard who challenges the authoritarian rules of the presiding lifeguards and tries to make things fun again, which leads to problems among the lifeguards working at that beach.


劇   名﹕海灘美少年

劇   情﹕本劇由加藤晴彥、吉澤悠領銜,根據人氣連載漫畫改編而成,以夏天的海水浴場為舞台,將救生員間的情感糾葛真實地描寫出來的青春愛情喜劇。兩人飾演個性迥異,加藤飾演有潔癖、不容易溝通原又頑固的理想主義者,而吉澤則飾演眼中只有「錢和自己」的冷酷帥哥。這兩個完全不相像的救生員,只有一個共同點,就是他們都很喜歡大海和卻為守護海水浴場而合作奮鬥的救生員,泳裝少男、古銅色肌膚、海天遼闊的場面,為觀眾帶來酷暑中的清涼。

「 海灘美少年」的故事場景設定在全日本最常發生事故的海水浴場,鄉公所警告若再發生傷亡,就要勒令停業,兩人雖互相看不順眼,卻在「零傷亡,守住海水浴場」的一致目標下,漸漸瞭解彼此。

演 員: 加藤晴彥、吉澤悠﹐ 一色紗英、篠原涼子




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