Fighting Girl

Fighting Girl

You are looking at a set of BRAND NEW, ORIGINAL, STILL SEALED IN WRAP Japanese Drama box set. Japanese Languages with Chinese subtitle.

Title: Fighting Girls

STARRING: Fukada Kyoko, Yoon Son Ha, Sakaguchi Kenji, Amami Yuki, Hirayama Aya

BRIEF SUMMARY:  Fukada plays Sayoko, a tough, 19-year-old with ambition, energy and nowhere to direct it. Her father clearly favors her blind 16-year-old sister. Junior college is unstimulating. She is fired from her part time job in a dress shop because she is too diligent at catching shoplifters and slaps them around a bit when she does. Even her boyfriend opts out for a more docile girl, but Sayoko doesn't think she is tough enough.

Coming home on the train, she nonchalantly puts on her makeup and changes her shirt, oblivious to the other passengers' silent glares, until Ami (South Korean actress Yoon Son Ha) confronts her. They stare each other down and Sayoko gets off. The passengers commend the Korean student but she scoffs at them too, asking, "Instead of praising me, why don't you say something yourself?"

A few days later Ami is also the one who comes to the aid of Sayoko's sister, who has sprained her ankle when pushed on the platform. Ami can't understand whether the Japanese are kind or cold. They all look worried about you but no one steps forward to help, she tells the girl.

In gratitude, Sayoko's poor father invites Ami for expensive sushi. She shows up with five friends to make things more cheery and in doing so, shows a lack of cross-cultural understanding herself.

Life gets more complicated when Sayoko goes to the beach to sulk and comes across a frustrated rich kid who she fends off with her considerable kickboxing skills. She loses her new belly-button jewel in the process, a guarantee they will meet again


劇   名﹕戰鬥女孩

劇   情﹕小夜子(深田恭子 飾)是一個成長於東京較為混雜的工業區的19歲女孩,在高中畢業後,雖然考進短期大學,卻因為覺得生活單調乏味而休學,對自己將來仍徘徊不定,並經常與開設工廠的父親爭吵.......。一天,小夜子偶然在電車上補妝、換衣服,卻被遇見的一位韓國留學生亞美(尹孫河 飾)狠狠教訓了一頓。幾天後,小夜子為了要感謝救了妹妹亞實(平山綾 飾)的恩人,再次與亞美相遇......。

演 員: 深田恭子 尹孫河 阪口憲二 平山陵




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