I Want To Be In Love

I Want To Be In Love

You are looking at a complete set of  Original, Brand new, Still sealed in Shrink Wrap Japanese Drama. Japanese Languages with Chinese subtitle.

Title: I Want To Be In Love (Koi Ga Shitai Koi Ga Shitai Koi Ga Shitai )

Cast:  Kanno Miho, Joji (George)Tokoro, Watabe Atsur, Mizuno Miki, Okae Kumiko, Oikawa Mitsuhiro, Yamada Takayuki

Story:  Girls school teacher, Ryosuke Akai (Atsuro Watanabe) was abandoned by his fiance moments before their wedding. He can't get in touch with her and wanders about aimlessly before going to a Gyudon restaurant in the neighborhood. There are a few customers who have arrived before him. A couple suddenly starts fighting. The man is Ichiro Shimura (Mitsuhiro Oikawa), a popular writer and host of a television program. Ai Hada (Miki Mizuno), who appears to be his girlfriend, is giving as good as she gets. Eating quietly on her own is housekeeper Mika Nagashima (Miho Kanno). Looking overdressed is housewife Orie Kohda (Kumiko Okae). Engrossed in his mobile phone conversation is high school student Wataru Aoshima (Takayuki Yamada). All this is being observed intermittently by the owner, Bunpei Midorikawa (George Tokoro).

These 7 different souls who have miraculously come together in a Gyudon restaurant make up a "rainbow coloured" love story.

劇   名﹕好想談戀愛

演   員﹕渡部篤郎 菅野美穗 水野美紀 及川光博 岡江久美子 山田孝之

劇   情﹕女子高校教師涼介(渡部篤郎 飾),即將跟同事也是訂婚對象的麗子在 一個禮拜後舉行結婚典禮。可是麗子卻只留下『謝謝』兩字的信就突然失蹤了。剛好因為那天是她的生日,買了紅鞋子當生日禮物還特地訂了餐廳的涼介,到了傍晚到附近的牛肉飯餐館。餐館裡有因為買不到想要的鞋子的蜜柑(菅野美穗 飾),剛好從同學會回來很久沒打扮的主婦織江(岡江久美子 飾),和穿制服的高中生涉(山田孝之 飾),還有搞錯地方的紫村一郎(及川光博 飾)這些人…。

好想好想談戀愛」劇中的七個角色,雖然擁有不同的職業,不一樣的年齡,但是他們都有一樣的煩惱,就是「孤獨」。對於人生沒有特別的夢想及目標,一種不可言喻的不安,目送每一天的逝去。偶然的機會讓他們七個人相遇,從此他們的生活有了極大的變化,如同脫胎換骨般地多了勇氣與熱情。擅長描述人性的八木康夫和遊川和彥,繼「魔女的條件」、「頑固老爹」之後,再次合力推出屬於 21 世紀的新戀愛故事。



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