Between His Mother And His Lover

Between His Mother And His Lover

You are looking at a set of THE LATEST, BRAND NEW,  ORIGINAL, STILL SEALED IN WRAP Japanese Drama box set. Japanese Languages with Chinese subtitle.

Title: Between His Mother and His Lover

STARRING: Kenji Sakaguchi, Ryoko Shinohara, Asami Mizukawa, Takatoshi Kaneko, Shin Yazawa

BRIEF SUMMARY: Parental love is a universal theme. There are a lot of stories about father and son, mother and daughter, but few about mother and son. In Japan at least, men who love and cherish their mother are regarded as "mamma's boys": wishy-washy guys who run home to mommy whenever they have a problem.

What do the "mamma's boys" have to say? "All men are mamma's boys! If we can't love our own mother, how can we love our girlfriend and wives?!"

Shingo Okazaki is a 28-year old guy who isn't ashamed to say openly that he loves his mother very much. One woman falls in love with him. It's 31-year old Hitomi Sugiura. She thinks it's beautiful that her boyfriend values his relationship with his mother, but is irritated because Shingo always puts his mother before herself. She is starting to have second thoughts about marrying Shingo.


劇 名﹕媽咪情人

劇 情﹕一個28歲的大男人常和老媽去餐廳吃飯﹐一起去游樂園坐摩天輪﹐還一塊拍大頭貼﹗﹗ 在他人的眼中有戀母情結傾向的岡崎真吾是個對戲劇熱情但不怎麼有天份的劇團演員﹐因人力車打工的緣故認識上班族的杉浦瞳。 爽朗的笑容﹐不做作的個性﹐見義勇為的舉動深深吸引沒什麼‘戀愛經驗的小瞳。 同樣單純的倆個人也在第2次見面後愛苗滋長。。。

從小獨自撫養自己長大﹐身為鋼琴家卻為自己放棄﹐犧牲很多的媽媽。 面對這樣一路辛苦﹐默默走來的母親﹐真吾深覺有一份天經地義照顧媽媽的責任﹐但有了女朋友的他在媽媽與情人之間﹐真吾還是把 “媽媽的事” 擺放在最重要的第一位。 真吾和小瞳這份剛萌芽的戀情又會有什麼變化﹐

演 員: 坂口憲二, 篠原涼子, 金子貴俊, 矢澤心, 松阪慶子




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