Evil Girl

Evil Girl

You are looking at a set of BRAND NEW, ORIGINAL, STILL SEALED IN WRAP Japanese Drama box set. Japanese Languages with Chinese subtitle.

Title: Akujo (Evil Girl)

STARRING: Ishida Hikari, Fuse Hiroshi, Watanabe Marina, Nagase Masatoshi

BRIEF SUMMARY: After graduating third-rate university, Marilyn manages to get a job at an established trading company through a family connection. But she is assigned to a trivial department where her colleagues have already been dropped out of promotional competition. Despite the circumstances, she cheerfully devotes herself to even less rewarding duties.
One day, Marilyn falls in love with a man at first sight when he passes by her in the office. In such a big company she doesn't know who he is, but she resolves to get promoted to such a high position so she can identify her prince. Encouraged by her boss Sawa but opposed by her rivals, the beautiful and intelligent Misako, and corporate elite Tadashi, she survives the fierce competition in a male-dominated world. See how she works her way up to meet the man of her dreams.


劇   名﹕惡女

劇   情描述田中麻里鈴(石田光)進入了一流商社近江物產的文具管理室,那裡是個毫無希望、夢想可言的單位,專關一些公司想開除卻趕不走的人,但麻理鈴卻一點也不以為意,仍朝氣蓬勃,努力工作。 某天,她在公司大廳遇見了一名男子而一見鍾情,因緣際會下得知白馬王子的英文名字縮寫為『T.O 』。就在此時,前輩峰岸佐和(倍賞美律子)問她:『想不想出人頭地?若成為一令人尊敬的女人,便可得到男人的青睞!』,於是麻理鈴便在這個的動機下,開始發奮工作......

演 員: 石田光,布施博 渡邊滿里奈 永瀨正敏 倍賞美津子 岸部一德 鶴田真由



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