Vessel Of Sand

Vessel Of Sand

You are looking at a set of THE LATEST,  BRAND NEW, ORIGINAL, STILL SEALED IN SHRINK WRAP Japanese Drama box set. Japanese Languages with Chinese subtitle.

Title: Vessel Of Sand (Suna No Utsuwa)

STARRING: Nakai Masahiro, Hidekazu Akai, Watanabe Ken, Takeda Shinji, Matsuyuki Yasuko

BRIEF SUMMARY:  Eiryo Waga (Masahiro Nakai) is well-known musician. As a composer and pianist, he has begun a rapid climb to stardom. But he must keep his terrible past a secret.

One day someone who knows all about his past, Kenichi Miki (Hidekazu Akai), appears before him. In order to protect the fame he has obtained, Waga kills Miki. Immediately after that, Waga runs into Asami Naruse (Yasuko Matsuyuki). He manages to pull himself together and leave the scene.

An investigation team is established led by two detectives Shuichiro Imanishi (Ken Watanabe) and Masaya Yoshimura (Masaru Nagai), but they have difficulty making any headway. Meanwhile, by coincidence Waga bumps into Asami again. Asami is a stage actress has her own dark past. Soon the two fall in love. But Waga is already engaged to Ayaka Tadokoro (Kotomi Kyono). It was with her father's help that Waga began his ascent to the top of the music world. It looks like Waga's ambitions are about to confront reality. However....

Based on Seicho Matsumoto's famous work that was released in 1960-61, the drama illustrates the life of a man burdened with a heavy fate in a contemporary setting.


劇   名﹕砂之器

劇   情﹕和賀英良 ( 中居正廣 飾 ) 是倍享盛譽的鋼琴作曲家,在橫濱的演奏會後,突然看見令他驚慌的叔叔三木謙一,一時失手將他叔叔給 .........?在蒲田車站附近,今西警官 ( 渡邊謙 飾 ) 正在調查『蒲田置車廠殺人事件』的兇手,看不清楚面目跟斷了十支的手指的死者令人感到兇手的殘忍。而正被升上女主角的『響』劇團的女優成瀨麻美 ( 松雪泰子 飾 ) 無意中與英良相撞而認識,這對有著議員女兒綾香 ( 京野琴美 飾 ) 的未婚妻有著什麼樣的變化,而隨著殺人兇手的謎團一一解開,他們的命運又會變成什麼樣的 ........?


演 員: 中居正廣 松雪泰子 武田真治 京野琴美 岡田義德 佐藤仁美 原田芳雄 渡邊謙 夏木八勳 市村正親 赤井英雄




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