Chinese Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant

You are looking at a set of BRAND NEW, ORIGINAL, STILL SEALED IN WRAP Japanese Drama box set. Japanese Languages with Chinese subtitle.

Title: Chinese Cuisine Served Star Leo Style (Netsuretsu Teki Chuuka Hanten)

STARRING: Suzuki Kyoka, Shiina Kippei, Seto Asaka, Ninomiya Kazunari, Ito Shiro

BRIEF SUMMARY:  Bound for Japan from Hong Kong, the luxury liner "Star Leo" is about to be the stage for a huge gourmet event for VIPs. Seven top chefs are scheduled to serve the finest dishes from the four great schools of Chinese cuisine: Peking, Canton, Szechuan, and Shanghai. The woman who has put this event together is Tachibana, a gifted businesswoman who studied Business Management in Hong Kong and a candidate for a top management position.

The seven Japanese chefs from the well-known Chinese restaurant "Heiheiro" on the Star Leo don't like the way Tachibana organizes the event, so they refuse to board the ship. The only people she now has left to cook for the VIPs is a group of amateurs including a worthless chef by the name of Sakota, who came late to work, a wanna-be chef named Nanami, and the person in charge of buying all of the foodstuffs for the restaurant, Noguchi. Before Tachibana finds out the "real" chefs aren't coming on board, her attitude towards the three is terrible. In fact, she even tells them "the seven chefs will do the cooking, so these three should be enough to get us by with the rest of the work."

Unaware of what has taken place, the VIPs await their feast. "As long as there are customers to be served, a 'pro' always sends them home satisfied no matter what" says one of the servers to Tachibana. She then decides that the show will go on. While all this is happening, one of the ship navigators has come down to the kitchen to pick a fight. Also two annoying passengers have come to Heiheiro to have a taste of its fabulous fried rice...

Now with a completely different attitude towards Sakota and the others, Tachibana tries to talk them into helping her out and gives them an inspiring speech, "everyone's got potential. If you realize that potential, then your life will move in the right direction. So let's get to work!" She is so convincing that they decide to join her.

There are only a few hours left before the feast is to begin, so the "worthless" chefs, begin making pr


劇   名﹕熱烈的中華飯店

劇   情﹕被調派到郵輪的企劃人員橘詩央(鈴木京香 飾)作出了『食王』企劃作為回總公司的跳板,請來七位香港料理之神的食王來到船上頗負盛名的平平樓作料理,沒想到引起平平樓大廚的反彈,決議下船罷工。

另一方面七位『食王』在食材採購人的船上莫名其妙的被當成豬而請下船,橘詩央發現時已經為時已晚,此時在平平樓聚集的卻是慕名「黃金炒飯」而來的實習生健太(二宮和也 飾)、二等航海士大山(東幹久 飾)、有錢人太太奈奈子(瀨戶朝香 飾)以及萬年洗碗公迫田(椎名桔平 飾)等七人...而船長預約的客人已經到了....

演 員: 鈴木京香 椎名桔平 二宮和也 瀨戶朝香



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