Son In Law 2003

Son In Law 2003

You are looking at a set of BRAND NEW, ORIGINAL, STILL SEALED IN WRAP 2003 Japanese Drama box set. Japanese Languages with Chinese subtitle.

Title:  The Son-in-Law 2003 (Mukodono 2003)

STARRING: Nagase Tomoya, Sakai Noriko, Shinohara Ryoko, Hoshino Mari

BRIEF SUMMARY: Yuichiro is recording a song that's soon to be released. At the same time, he's also shooting a commercial with a young actress by the name of Hikari Aikawa.

One night, after they have been dating for a couple of months, Yuichiro gives Minami a ride home on his motorcycle. It's midnight, and everybody is asleep... they thought.
All of a sudden, the light on the porch comes on."Minami, we've all been waiting for you!"Minami's sisters come pouring out of the house.
Toko is the eldest, followed by Nishie, Kitae, and Akira. They've been eagerly waiting to see Minami's "young boyfriend."

Reluctantly, Yuichiro steps into their house. The eldest sister Toko is a cop. The second oldest sister in the family is Minami. The third is Nishie, a doctor. The fourth Kitae, is a flight attendant, and the youngest Akira goes to a well-known private high school.

Every one of the Ishihara sisters has both brains, beauty, and a no-nonsense attitude. They just blatantly stare at Yuichiro, and thoroughly check him out.Eavesdropping behind the door is their father Mamoru, a gynecologist. He's the only male in the family, and always seems to lose to his daughters. He cares a lot about his daughters, and is proud of them. But none has gotten married yet.

The girls just keep on chattering, and continue bombarding Yuichiro with questions, until finally, Mamoru yells. "What are your intentions for my daughter?" With all eyes glued on Yuichiro, he stammers, "Well... that's a difficult subject." Now everybody's talking at the same time, about different topics, and it's total chaos. Yuichiro feels pressed, and answers, "Of course, to eventually get married." Amidst the confusion, Yuichiro suddenly proposes. Nobody is more surprised than Minami herself. Somebody says, "He looks familiar." Yuichiro can feel his sweat trickling down.

Finally the time has come for Yuichiro to reveal himself in front of the Ishihara's, including Minami. She can't believe that her boyfriend is the famous Yuichiro Sakuraba.

After a lot of ups and downs, and coping with many issues occurring all at once, Yuichiro and Minami get married. What's more surprising, Yuichiro marries into the family of his bride. Will Yuichiro be able to maintain a balance between being a star and being a son-in-law?

劇   名﹕新*女婿大人 2003

劇   情櫻庭裕一郎(長瀨智也 飾)是2003年的超人氣歌手,不論廣告、戲劇都有著超強的知名度,還紅到台灣來。2002的某天,不小心騎機車摔倒邂逅了大他好幾歲的石原南(酒井法子 飾),從此兩人就交往了.....裕一跟小南的家人相處的很融洽,小南跟他的家人也一直不知道裕一郎的真實身分。直到有一天小男的姊姊問他的工作是什麼的時候,裕一郎下定決心要跟大家說明他的真實身分,並且跟小南說不是故意欺騙她。然而,小南也向裕一郎坦承其實自己已經離過婚了,而且還有一個小孩...。





演 員: 長瀨智也 酒井法子 篠原涼子 星野真里



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