Hot Man II

Hot Man II

You are looking at a set of  BRAND NEW,  ORIGINAL, STILL SEALED IN WRAP Japanese Drama box set. Japanese Languages with Chinese subtitle.

Title: Hotman 2

STARRING: Sorimachi Takashi, Itoh Misaki, Saito Shota, Saito Keita, Yamauchi Nana

BRIEF SUMMARY: Enzo, an art teacher, who has been taking care his daughter and living with his four siblings is now on the move again.  He has decided to move to the countryside where the environment is better for his daughter's sever dermatitis. With these two moving and Enzo starting a new teaching job.  The rest of the family also have decided it's time for them to go on their separate ways.  Enzo started to notice one of the sibling is hiding something serious from him after she visited him. Soon after that, Enzo found out that their old house has been taken/repossessed by the bank to pay off the money loaned to his sister. Seeing how devastated and depressed his sister is.  Enzo and the rest of the family are determined to get the house back.  The house they all help built and loved.


劇 名﹕HOTMAN 2 (熱血男兒 2)

劇 情美術老師降矢圓造(反町隆史飾)為了改善愛女七海(山內菜菜飾)的皮膚過敏症,前往鄉下小學赴任了。另一方面,降矢家的其他兄弟姐妹也走上了不同的人生路,妹妹志麻(伊東美笑飾)開了天然食材的店、雛田(市川由衣飾)則在醫院當護士、弟弟灰二(齊藤祥太飾)則是打著零工、龍之介(齊藤慶太)則成為了大學生。某一天,志麻突然來拜訪圓造後,沒有說出自己經營不善導致老家被銀行收去抵押欠債的事實就回去了。覺得志麻樣子有異的圓造,回到東京後才發現自己的老家已經被銀行收走。而志麻也在圓造的逼問下才說出了事情始末。圓造見到身心俱疲的妹妹,同時自己的愛女也說想再跟大家一起生活後,展開了家族全員再度齊聚於同一個屋簷下的行動…

演 員: 反町隆史 市川由衣 山內菜菜 齊藤祥太 齊藤慶太




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