Yankee Bokou Ni Kaeru

Yankee Bokou Ni Kaeru

You are looking at a set of THE LATEST,  BRAND NEW, ORIGINAL, STILL SEALED IN SHRINK WRAP Japanese Drama box set. Japanese Languages with Chinese subtitle.

Title: Drop-out Teacher Returns to School (Yankee Bokou Ni Kaeru)

STARRING: Yutaka Takenouchi, SAYAKA, Masaru Nagai, Ryoko Shinohara, Yoshio Harada

BRIEF SUMMARY:  In 1988 Hokkaido's Hokusei Yoichi High School became the first high school in Japan to accept students who had previously dropped out of high school from nationwide. Hokkaido Broadcasting (HBC) has been covering this school for 15 years and aired a documentary last spring that caused a stir all over the country. Now TBS in cooperation with HBC will create a drama based on the school.

The drama will follow a former gang member, dropout and graduate of the school who returns as a teacher. We will follow him as he helps graduating students out into the world. The teachers and students will, as you would expect, confront all the issues of youth and society today. At this school, there are no compromises, no lies. This drama will move you as both students and teachers face a variety of issues head on.

This is a moving story that is created by people coming together and learning to believe in each other.


劇   名﹕不良少年回母校

劇   情﹕北海道的小城鎮-余市有著一間全國著名專收高中中輟生的余市高,日本的教育問題在這裡備受關注,有關翹課、欺負事件跟品行不良的事件通通在這裡發生。10年前,從這間高中畢業的吉森真也(竹野內豐)終於得償所願進入余市高中任教,不料在新千歲機場時卻因為看不慣一個18歲的少年菅野徹(市原隼人)抽煙而沒收了他的打火機,沒想到卻被警察以竊盜罪嫌逮捕........。      到余市高中報到時已經是深夜了,看到曾經是自己教過的學生的安藤老師(余貴美子)露出了欣喜迎接的心情,沒想到卻被以前也是現在的訓導主任-岩崎老師(原田芳雄)拳打腳踼....而到學校開業式時,卻發現班上的同學居然有人逃學,而竟然是問題少年菅野徹......

演 員: 竹野內豐 相葉雅紀 平泉成, 篠原涼子 市毛良枝




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