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Title:  Le bel Homme / Beauty (Utsukushii Hito)

STARRING: Tokiwa Takako, Tamura Masakazu, Osawa Takao, Uchiyama Rina, Yanagisawa Ringo, Morishita Aiko

BRIEF SUMMARY:  Misaki Kyosuke, an excellent plastic surgeon, started living a very private life after his wife passed away, confining his main joys in life to cultivating his herb garden and spending time with his only daughter. One day, a woman enters his clinic and asks that her face be completely changed to whatever Kyosuke wishes. Kyosuke is very suspicious and refuses her request, but she begs him to reconsider and explains that she is trying to escape from her violent husband. Kyosuke finally agrees and alters her appearance to that of his late wife. Afterwards, a relationship begins to develop between the two of them, but things start to unravel when two police officers show up on his doorstep looking for the "missing" woman


劇   名﹕美人

劇   情﹕『我希望能過平靜的生活,從小就如此,自己並不善於交際,愛也慢慢的沒有,美麗人間只有依賴香草來平靜人們的生活』醫生說道。到醫院裡,有病患(常盤貴子)要接見院長,『知惠子小姐,美容外科並不是很難的手術,當天就可以來回了,你想做的是哪一部份呢?』『全部』『我想要改頭換面』

岬京助(田村正和飾)是個優秀的外科醫生,自己開了一間整型外科診所。平時他愛修修剪剪心愛的香料植物,過著恬靜平淡、與世無爭的生活。 深愛的妻子四年前過世,從那時起,他便發誓不再婚,一心照顧女兒圭子(內山理名飾)。然而,原本靜如湖水的生活,卻因為一個想變臉的女人村雨美雪(常盤貴子飾),而起了波浪。飽受丈夫(大澤隆夫飾)虐待的美雪,無助地請求京助為她變臉,幫她脫離丈夫的魔掌。在美雪的要求下心軟的京助於是替美雪換了一張臉....... 一張和他死去妻子一模一樣的臉....

演 員: 田村正和﹐常盤貴子﹐內山理名﹐大澤隆夫

* 本片收錄特別版




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