Ideal Love

Ideal Love

You are looking at a set of  BRAND NEW,  ORIGINAL, STILL SEALED IN WRAP Japanese Drama box set. Japanese Languages with Chinese subtitle. Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions, thank you for looking!

Title: Ideal Love/Love Quotient (Renai Hensachi )

STARRING: Nakatani Miki, Tokiwa Takako, Shibasaki Kou, Zaizen Naomi

BRIEF SUMMARY:  The theme of "struggles that women deal with daily" such as: work, the future, love life, marriage, independence, setbacks, and betrayal. These are the types of things that interest those of the "fairer sex."

We are living in times when being an independent woman is not a problem. Even so, the enemy of women is not men, it is those of the same sex.

Women have the freedom to work where they please and love as they please, which has caused even further struggles for them. So we thought that if we put together a drama that focuses on these kinds of things, it would attract more viewers.

At work, women have raised their potential. But is the same true for their love lives? Unfortunately not, because this isn't easy to change...

Who is your heroine? And how high is your "love quotient?"
Compare your love quotient to the 4 "leading ladies" featured in our stories.


劇   名﹕戀愛偏差值

劇   情﹕「 戀愛偏差值」,破天荒邀集 常盤貴子、 中谷美紀、 財前直見、柴 香四大花旦同台競豔,刻劃四種個性迥異女人的愛慾嗔癡。
「 戀愛偏差值」改編唯川惠獲得直木賞的小說,第一段「像火般燃燒」,由有「日本最美麗女人」之稱 中谷美紀挑大梁,她飾演粉領族,在交往三年男友事業大起大落之後,突然和比她年輕男人墜入情網。

第二段「派對」, 常盤貴子飾演失業女子,意外和一流企業家稻垣吾郎相識相戀,重新檢視自己的事業、愛情、婚姻與人生觀。這是有「日劇女王」之稱的 常盤貴子,首度和 SMAP 樂團的緋聞小生稻垣吾郎對戲。

第三段「相互討厭對方的女人」, 財前直見和柴香是辦公室同事,過適婚期的直見,和已婚男人搞不倫,臨適婚年齡的香,整天急著找對象,兩人從互相看不順眼,最後同病相憐。

日劇常見刻劃女人心的現代劇,但像「 戀愛偏差值」這樣一口氣網羅四位當紅女星,頗為罕見,在宣傳預告裏,以四種顏色象徵四種女人個性, 中谷美紀是憂鬱的藍, 常盤貴子是熱烈的紅, 財前直見是溫婉的綠,柴 香則是充滿幻想的黃,非常吸引人。

常盤貴子和 中谷美紀各擁一片天,以前「后不見后」,這次卻打破心結合作,貴子肯定結婚是女人最好的選擇,美紀則說女人面對戀愛要格外小心,直見說年齡對女人是無形的障礙,柴 香則說經驗是讓女人愁熟的關鍵,她們都希望不同年齡、個性的女性,能從劇中找到自己的「戀愛值」,千萬別有所偏差。

演 員: 中谷美紀 常盤貴子 財前直見 柴笑幸




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