Tokyo Wankei

Tokyo Wankei

You are looking at a set of THE LATEST, BRAND NEW,  ORIGINAL, STILL SEALED IN WRAP Japanese Drama box set. Japanese Languages with Chinese subtitle.

Title: Tokyo Wankei (Destiny Of Love)

STARRING: Nakama Yukie, Wada Toshihiro, Sato Ryuta, Sato Eriko

BRIEF SUMMARY: "Please tell me who I really am."

This e-mail message was sent by Mika Kimoto, an editor working at a publisher in Daiba, Tokyo.

Coming from a wealthy family, Mika has always had everything she has ever wanted and more. She is a third-generation Korean living in Japan. She loves her job, and her Japanese boyfriend is a doctor.

There's one thing that bothers Mika though... Her father Masao is very conscious of his ethnic heritage and will allow Mika to marry only a Korean. When her relationship falls apart because of her father's interference, she just happens to post the above message on a mobile phone dating service.

Ryosuke, a blue-collar warehouse worker at Shinagawa Pier, replies to Mika's message.

Daiba and Shinagawa Pier are separated by Tokyo Bay.
Mika is a career woman working at a major firm.
Ryosuke lives a meager life doing manual labor at a warehouse.
There seems to be nothing in common between the two. Still, destiny brings them together.

One day Mika happens to find her late mother Yuri's diary. Written within is the tale of Yuri's concealed relationship with a Japanese man before she married Masao. Mika finds out her mother's hidden past and her passion for the man she loved. Without knowing it, she is about to follow the same path as her mother.


劇 名: 東京灣景

劇 情﹕在台場的出版社工作的木本美香(仲間由紀惠 飾),生長在富裕的家庭,也有了想結婚的對象..只是美香生於駐日韓國人的家庭,美香的父親不容許這段戀情而美香在同事早瀨的鼓勵之下,仍舊告知父親這段戀情美香的父親認同對方的學歷與職業,在得知對方為日本人後便立刻否決這段姻緣,美香因此感覺無顏見男友亦無法告知此事,就在此時,美香的妹妹紀香介紹一個交友網站給她這段期間身心俱疲的美香竟在網站上寫下"誰能幫助我找到真正的自己"等內容收到此信的是在品川倉庫工作的亮介(和田聰宏 飾) 亮介是因為前輩大杉惡作劇的關係而登錄此網站他因此與使用"涼子"為假名的美香認識因而起了想與對方見面的念頭究竟兩人會有什麼樣的火花與發展呢?

演員: 仲間由紀惠, 佐藤隆太, 佐藤江梨子, 哀川翔, 仲村徹




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