Blade of The Immortal DVD English Subtitle

Blade of The Immortal DVD English Subtitle

You are looking at a set of BRAND NEW, ORIGINAL  Japanese Drama box set. Japanese Languages with  Chinese/English/Malay Selectable Subtitles.

*This is All Regional Code  DVD. It can be played in US DVD player as well as any type or region DVD player from the world!

* Chinese/English/Malay Subtitle can be switched off. It is off by default unless you turn it on.

* 1 Single Sided DVD Box Set


    * Special Features:
  • Chapters Selection
  • Widescreen
  • EAN9555329255330   



Title: Blade  of the Immortal DVD


STARRING:  Takuya Kimura   Hana Sugisaki   Sota Fukushi Hayato Ichihara


BRIEF SUMMARY:    Manji is an amoral swordsman, who has been  cursed with eternal life. He has grown tired of living with all the death he has  created. He has no skills other then those of killing, thus he forms a plan to  regain his mortality: he shall kill one hundred evil men for each good one he  has killed. The old witch who afflicted Manji with immortality agrees to Manji's  proposition and Manji is set on his path to kill one thousand evil men. On his  journey he meets a young girl, Rin, who has her own vengeance to seek against  the sword school whose members slaughtered Rin's family. Rin and Manji journey  together, each hoping to find some kind of peace. In their way are many varied  enemies. Rin and Manji are almost constantly under attack and must learn to live  their lives, avoiding being consumed by revenge.




劇 名: 無限之住人 DVD


介紹:   目睹摯愛親妹被殺,劍豪萬次孤身怒戰上百盜寇,重傷瀕死之際,突遇無名老巫施以神祕仙蟲,意外獲得不死之軀。五十年後,厭惡武林陳腐陋習、主張實力至上的幫派「逸刀流」縱橫江戶,天才少年天津影久率領一眾奇人異士四處踢館,剿滅無數門派。在風暴中痛失雙親的女孩矢志復仇,接受了老巫的提議,入山向隱伏已久的萬次尋求援助。沙村廣明同名暢銷奇幻武鬥漫畫躍上大銀幕,日本國民天王木村拓哉飾演永生浪人,對決新生代紅星福士蒼汰,戶田惠梨香、市原隼人及北村一輝等知名演員亦戎裝參演,揮舞原汁原味精心打造的多種奇形兵器殺到荼蘼。刀光與劍影齊飛,鮮血共殘肢一色,暴力美學名導三池崇史重返擅長的武士時代,霸氣祭出生涯「百部斬」鉅作



演員:  木村拓哉  杉咲花、福士蒼汰、戶田惠梨香、市原隼人、市川海老藏、山崎努、北村一輝、田中泯、栗山千明  滿島真之介








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