Yankee-Kun To Megane-Chan DVD English Subtitle

Yankee-Kun To Megane-Chan DVD English Subtitle

You are looking at a set of BRAND NEW, ORIGINAL  Japanese Drama box set. Japanese Languages with Chinese/English/Malay Selectable Subtitles.

*This is All Regional Code  DVD. It can be played in US DVD player as well as any type or region DVD player from the world!

* Chinese/English/Malay Subtitle can be switched off. It is off by default unless you turn it on.

* 2 Single Sided DVD Box Set


    * Special Features:
  • Chapters Selection
  • Widescreen
  • EAN   9555329235868



Title: Yankee-Kun To Megane-Chan  DVD

STARRING:  Narimiya Hiroki, Naka Riisa, Hongo Kanata, Koyanagi Yu, Kawaguchi Haruna,

BRIEF SUMMARY: It is the start of the new school term. Shinagawa Daichi of Class 2A is Monshiro High School’s biggest delinquent whom everyone fears and keeps at a distance. Because he has no companion, he finds no fun in school life and spends his days alone. However, Daichi encounters a bespectacled girl with her hair in braids and wearing the same school uniform, while going to school. She sprains her leg because she ran into him, and at her insistence, he ends up carrying her to school on his back. Daichi is dumbfounded to come across such a peculiar girl early in the term. He skips class as always, but the bespectacled girl appears before him again. She identifies herself as his classmate, Adachi Hana. Announcing her candidacy in the class election, she presses him to vote her to be the class representative. Daichi reluctantly casts his vote because of her aggressiveness. Hana has a secret. She had been a legendary delinquent who horrified everyone during her junior high school days. However, Hana, who tries to make friends, hides this unsavoury past to lead a life in high school. Then, Daichi learns about this secret …




劇 名﹕ 不良仔與眼鏡妹  DVD

劇 情﹕ 主角不良少年品川大地被同班帶著眼鏡看似平凡認真的班級委員足立花不斷折騰,捲入各種騷亂之中,然而也獲得了無可替代的夥伴,體會到校園生活的樂趣,同時也尋找到了自己的生存意義,是一部青春電視劇。e' W) _" L: Z. ]9 O2 h6 h
8 R0 e5 U7 f2 o/ C1 k7 登場人物有不良少年,超天然呆,拒上學學生等,雖然有著很多問題卻是本性善良的高中生們。圍繞著他們展開的有趣的校園故事,不僅是同齡的青少年,連他們的父母以及在社會上打拚的二三十歲的人也能欣賞的喜劇。有吵架,有插科打諢,有愛情也有單口相聲,充滿各種元素的這部電視劇想要傳達的是不管哪個年齡段都想讓他們感覺到的,「人與人相連的美好」。通過對以品川大地為首的出場人物的瞭解,是部鼓舞人好好活下去的電視劇。1 " M6 N; U9 e* s5 Z


演 員:  成宮寬貴、仲里依紗





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