Keiji No Manazashi DVD English Subtitle

Keiji No Manazashi DVD English Subtitle

You are looking at a set of BRAND NEW, ORIGINAL  Japanese Drama box set. Japanese Languages with Traditional/Simplified Chinese/English Selectable Subtitles.

*This is All Regional Code DVD. It can be played in US DVD player as well as any type or region DVD player from the world!

* Traditional/Simplified Chinese/English Subtitle can be switched off. It is off by default unless you turn it on.

* 3 Single Sided DVD Box Set

* Special Features:
  • Chapters Selection
  • Widescreen

Title: Keiji No Manazashi  DVD


STARRING: Shiina Kippei, Kaname Jun, Ono Yuriko, Yoshida Yo, Yamada Anna

BRIEF SUMMARY: Natsume Nobuto (Shiina Kippei) was an officer at a juvenile detention centre. Then his young daughter Emi (Yamada Anna) became a victim in a case and slipped into a coma from which she has never awaken. 10 years on, Natsume has transformed into a police officer, going from a job that trusts in people to a job that suspects people. Now over 40, this latecomer is a detective with the Violent Crimes Section at Higashi Ikebukuro Police Precinct’s Criminal Affairs Division. The precinct’s jurisdiction of east Ikebukuro is an area where an entertainment and nightlife district has spread out behind high-rise buildings while a short walk away is an old town streetscape. This district of contradictory elements is like looking at a microcosm of society with its many facets. It is in east Ikebukuro that Natsume teams up with the veteran detective Fukumori Seiichi (Matsushige Yutaka) and younger female detective Adachi Ryoko (Ono Yuriko) to deal with cases as he finds out the truth. Despite the heartrending pain he has been through, he still tries to believe in people. The look in his eyes unsettles criminals and gains the trust of tight-lipped parties involved in cases. jdramaweblog




劇 名﹕刑事的目光 DVD

劇 情﹕改編自江戶川亂步獎作家‧藥丸岳所著同名小說,椎名橘平飾演的夏目信人,是一名40歲的「遲來的新手刑警」。夏目原本是在少年收容所工作的法務官,因為某個契機決心轉行當刑警。他在工作中,仔細傾聽對方的陳述,找出隱藏在對話中的案件的真相

改編自江戶川亂步獎作家‧藥丸岳所著同名小說,椎名橘平飾演的夏目信人,是一名40歲的「遲來的新手刑警」。夏目原本是在少年收容所工作的法務官,因為某個契機決心轉行當刑警。他在工作中,仔細傾聽對方的陳述,找出隱藏在對話中的案件的真相。 - See more at: http://www.tvbamboo.com/drama/japan/article810020130180/18246.html#sthash.5RKfORsi.dpuf

演 員:  椎名橘平 要潤 小野ゆり子 吉田羊 山田杏奈 中林大樹 吉家章人 藤本泉 板谷由夏 北村有起哉 松重豊






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