Kaibutsu-Kun Kanzen Shinsaku Special!! + Dance Of My Star Dusts

Kaibutsu-Kun Kanzen Shinsaku Special!! + Dance Of My Star Dusts

You are looking at a set of BRAND NEW,  ORIGINAL, STILL SEALED IN WRAP Japanese Drama 2 DISC box set. Japanese Languages with Removable Traditional Chinese Subtitle.

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Title: Kaibutsu-Kun Kanzen Shinsaku Special!! + Dance Of My Star Dusts


Kaibutsu-Kun Kanzen Shinsaku Special!!

STARRING: Ono Satoshi, Matsuoka Masahiro, Yashima Norito, Kawashima Umika, Ueshima Ryuhei, Choi Hong Man, Hamada Tatsuomi, Miyake Hiroki, Hankai Kazuaki, Tsuda Kanji, Becky, Inamori Izumi, Kaga Takeshi

BRIEF SUMMARY: This special episode was aired in Oct 2011It has been a number of months since Kaibutsu-kun (Ono Satoshi) returned to the world of monsters although he was loathe to part with Ichikawa Utako (Kawashima Umika) and Hiroshi (Hamada Tatsuomi), the friends he had made in the human world. Kaibutsu-kun is now in the final stage of preparations to become the new king. Or so they had thought … … But he remains willful and has not awaken to his role as the future king. Dracula (Yajima Norito), Wolfman (Ueshima Ryuhei) and Franken (Choi Hong Man) who had been his companions, find themselves in a tight spot and are very flustered. Held responsible for the prince taking forever to become the new king, they are being berated from all sides and end up labelled the “half-rotten trio”. Even the king (Kaga Takeshi) is at his wits end because of his son’s lack of motivation. Finally, unable to tolerate the situation, the king reaches a decision … …jdramaweblog



Dance Of My Star  Dusts


STARRING: Takahashi Katsumi   Nishimura Masahiko  Katase Nana   Miyatake Matsuri  Mikami Kensei

BRIEF SUMMARY:   Wondering around Lake Hamada on a crisp chilly night.   A desperate middle aged man named Asai Hisashi who is in deep financial debt has left message for his wife stating he is contemplating to committee suicide, He is hoping she can use the money from his life insurance and pay off their debt once for all.  At the same time, he runs into a 10 years old kid named Hikari who is thinking about doing the same thing except not for money but to rid off the life he does not want to continue anymore, It turns out Hikari is a national treasure, a child genius, working at the elite national science research institute whose researching project might win Japan the prestigious Nobel physic prize.  Tired of being used as a puppet, Hikari ran away from the institute, and there is a search warrant out for her.   After these two  exchange their stories, knowing there are police everywhere looking for the child prodigy.  Hisashi takes the child back to his friends home so she has a place to stay temporarily.  Later on, Hikari and Asai come up with an idea that will change both of their lives forever .. Hikari is planning her own kidnapping in return of her freedom and ransom to get Hisasi out of his debt. 




劇 名﹕ 我們的星塵之舞+  怪物小王子2011秋季特別篇



劇 情﹕夜晚的浜民湖。淺井久平(高橋克實)給妻子美佐子(若村麻由美)發送了臨死前的短信。想要自殺,用保險金償還借款。就在此時,久平發現一個小孩也和自己一樣想要自殺。這孩子的名字,叫光(宮武 祭)。是個只有10歲的少女。
光是從國立最先端科學研究所逃出來的。研究所因被稱為諾貝爾化學獎最有力候補人的相模原博士而出名。證實了光所說的似的,警察正在進行大規模的搜查。但是久平卻不顧搜查,將光帶到了在浜松市內經營回收業的浮田藤治郎(螢 雪次郎)和山崎義男(淺利陽介)處,將她藏匿。面對這樣的久平,光提議了某個計劃。為因借款而痛苦的久平策劃偽裝誘拐事件,要求贖金是10億日元。

演 員:  高橋克實、宮武 祭、西村雅彥、片濑那奈、螢 雪次郎、淺利陽介



劇 情﹕在SP特別篇中,結束了在人間修行的怪物小王子(大野智 飾)回到了“怪物LAND”,他依然任性而為,把“真麻煩”當成口頭禪掛在嘴邊。為兒子如此沒有干勁兒而擔心不已的怪物大王(鹿賀太史 飾)下了一個決定:“也許把他交給那些侍從是行不通……”


演 員: 大野智、八嶋智人、上島竜兵、松岡昌宏、川島海荷、ベッキー、チェ・ホンマン、鹿賀丈史、濱田龍臣、三宅弘城、半海一晃、稲森いずみ







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