Ouran High School Host Club DVD English Subtitle

Ouran High School Host Club DVD English Subtitle

You are looking at a set of BRAND NEW, ORIGINAL  Japanese Drama box set. Japanese Languages with Simplified Chinese/Malay/English Selectable Subtitles.

*This is All Regional Code DVD. It can be played in US DVD player as well as any type or region DVD player from the world!

* Simplified Chinese/Malay/English Subtitle can be switched off. It is off by default unless you turn it on.

* 2 Single Sided DVD Box Set

* Special Features:
  • Chapters Selection
  • Widescreen

Title:  Ouran High School Host Club  DVD

STARRING: Kawaguchi Haruna, Yamamoto Yusuke, Nakamura Masaya, Ryusei Ryo, Daito Shunsuke, Chiba Yudai, Takagi Shinpei, Takagi Manpei

BRIEF SUMMARY: In this screwball romantic comedy, Haruhi, a poor girl at a rich kids' school, is forced to repay an $80,000 debt by working for the school's swankiest, all-male club - as a boy! There, she discovers just how wealthy the six members are and how different the rich are from everybody else...The school-wide physical exam has thrown the members of the elegant Host Club for a loop. How can the doctor not discover that Haruhi is a girl?! And once the female customers learn the truth, Haruhi can kiss her job goodbye. But then life at the club will be unbearably boring if she leaves! So the guys wrack their brains for a solution...  First is lineage and second is money for the host club at Ouran High School, one of the private and most prestigious schools in Japan which boys and girls from a privileged segment of society attend. The host club is a magnificent play group where well-off girls with too much time on their hands, are entertained by six good looking guys (Yamamoto Yusuke, Daito Shunsuke, Ryusei Ryo, Chiba Yudai, Takagi Shinpei, Takagi Manpei) who are equally free. Fujioka Haruhi (Kawaguchi Haruna) is the only commoner to enter Ouran High School on a scholarship because of her high scholastic standing. One day, Haruhi breaks the host club’s 8 million yen flower vase. Stuck with a debt, she is assigned by Suou Tamaki (Yamamoto Yusuke) to make her host debut in order to pay off her debt. However, it turns out that Haruhi is a girl. Tamaki’s heart thumps hard in reaction to her lovely smile … …






劇 名﹕櫻蘭學園男公關部 DVD

劇 情﹕同名漫畫改編,私立櫻蘭學院是一間貴族學校,這一天卻走進了一位「貧窮庶民」藤岡春斐,最不幸的是第一天就因為打破花瓶而負債800萬 ......某日,本來想找一個可以安靜自習的地方,無意間闖進男公關部的據點「第三音樂教室」,不小心打破價值800萬日圓的花瓶,為了償還這筆巨債,被迫成為打雜人員!直到眼鏡被拿掉後,改造後的春緋變身為一名美少年,條件改為接待完100名客人,才可以離開,從此展開了男公關生活!





藤岡春斐  ( 川口春奈.16 ),櫻蘭高校新生




演 員: 川口春奈  山本裕典  大東俊介  高木心平  高木萬平  千葉雄大






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