God Please Give Me More Time DVD

God Please Give Me More Time DVD

You are looking at a set of CLASSIC, BRAND NEW, ORIGINAL, STILL SEALED IN WRAP Japanese Drama box set. Japanese Languages with Chinese subtitle.

*This is All Regional Code DVD. It can be played in US DVD player as well as any type or region DVD player from the world!

*Dolby AC3 Digital Sound!

*Superior Picture Quality compare to VCD or VHS.

*Chinese Subtitle can be switched off. It is off by default unless you turn it on.

*3 Single Sided DVD Box Set.

Title: God Please Give Me More Time (Kamisama Mou Sukoshi Dake)

STARRING: Kaneshiro Takeshi, Fukada Kyoko, Nakama Yukie, Kato Haruhiko, Miyazawa Rie


A realistic drama on Japanese TV that takes HIV and teenage girls who have sex to make money to a new perspective.

Known as the drama that launched the career of Fukada Kyoko and the drama that jumpstarted Kaneshiro Takeshi's Japanese career, "Kamisama, mou sukoshi dake" is a very good drama.

Fukada Kyoko plays a Tokyo high school girl. A girl who is in love with a music producer portrayed by Takeshi Kaneshiro. She wanted so much to watch his concert but she has no money. So, she does the next stupid thing that many Japanese teenage girls do to get a lot of money...prostitution.

Well, things change her life after someone sticks a syringe into our darling high school girl and this starts the events that will change her life. She is now HIV-positive. She eventually meets and sleeps with her music idol but the tragic tale of this young woman focuses more on her life as she tries to live life in a new perspective after being HIV positive. Kaneshiro's character on the other hand is interested in the high schooler.


劇   名﹕神啊請多給我一點時間

劇   情﹕號稱日本流行音樂教祖的石川啟吾(金城武 飾),雖然坐擁名聲、財富與歌迷的瘋狂崇拜,卻是個冷漠、空虛又孤獨的男人。而啟吾的頭號歌迷真生(深田恭子 飾),則是個愛用手機哈啦、在街上閒晃的時下女高中生。為了一睹啟吾的風采,真生甚至不惜援助交際,以賺取演唱會門票… 當啟吾與真生-兩條毫無交集的平行線彼此交會、並發生了一夜情,直率的真生從此走進啟吾緊閉的心房。然而此時真生卻發現自己感染了愛滋病毒…在上天賦予有限的時間中,兩人該如何追求最真實的愛戀呢?

演 員: 金城武 深田恭子 加藤晴彥 宮澤理惠




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