Koi Suru Kimchi + Detective Kamijo

Koi Suru Kimchi + Detective Kamijo

You are looking at a set of BRAND NEW,  ORIGINAL, STILL SEALED IN WRAP Japanese Drama 2 DISC box set. Japanese Languages with Removable Traditional Chinese Subtitle.

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Title: Koi Suru Kimchi +  Detective Kamijo

 Koi Suru Kimchi


STARRING: Kanjiya Shihori, Yoon Hak, Kitami Toshiyuki, Kojima Fujiko, Yana Nobuo, Kuromiya Mari

BRIEF SUMMARY: Born and raised in Kakamigahara, Banno is a 24 years old female who works at the Kakamigahara's tourism department.  She is frustrated with her everyday routine, boring and predicable life as municipal worker. One day, Lee Won-jong (Yoon Hak), a staff member on an exchange program from Kakamigahara City’s sister city, Chuncheon in South Korea.  Banno falls head over heel for him the very first time she meets him...... With pretty much everything Korean has becoming increasingly popular in Japan, and Chuncheon was the location where the heart wrenching Korean drama " Winter Sonata" was filmed.  Kakamigahara held a " Winter Sonata's Photo exhibition" to commemorate the tide of the sister city and over 700,000 people flocked to the Kakamigahara within 2 months

Banno's boss is thinking with the tide of these two cities.  This would be a perfect opportunity to again boost city's tourism and promote Kakamigahara nationwide.  Banno's has been given the assignment and reasonability to come up with an unique product that will tide the two sister cities together.  what better item other than kimichi...............with a flavor from Kakamigahara.  Banno is hoping Lee Won Jong will join her to promote the item..


Detective Kamijo ~ The story of the skeleton

STARRING:  Nakamura Toru, Rokkaku Seiji,  Arimori Narimi,

BRIEF SUMMARY: Nakamura Toru plays a police detective who received a urgent call from his ex girlfriend telling him that her son had been kidnapped and begging him to help her to find her son.  With all the info given and all the resources exhausted, Sadly, Her son was never found. The detective was ultimately transferred to another unit and the kidnap case eventually became an cold case.  A year later,  the skeleton remain of the boy was found, The eager detective immediately returns to his hometown to reopen the case; as he starts to look for clues..... he has to accept the secret that he is not ready to face




劇 名﹕荊棘之鎮 刑警-上條元 +  戀愛泡菜


荊棘之鎮 刑警-上條元


劇 情﹕刑警上條元的舊戀人上杉朋絵接到電話說她的兒子被人綁架,上條和同僚最後沒法把他救出,事件成了懸案,上條也因此被調離自己長大的城鎮。一年後上杉兒子的屍體被發現,上條立刻回到家鄉立意追查到底。但回到家鄉也令他回到從前,回到他從前不想去面對的事。最後他發現,綁架殺害的犯人竟是他最不想見到的人……

演 員:  仲村撤   六角精児    有森也実 



劇 情﹕野實,24歲。就職於岐阜縣南部地級市各務原市觀光課。由於生長都在各務原市,所以對自己毫無新鮮感的生活非常不滿。然而卻仍糊裡糊塗地過著每一天。

演 員:  貫地谷詩穗梨 鄭允學(超新星) 小島藤子 宮璃亞理 黑宮萬理 鬼頭卓見 角替和枝 北見敏之 八名信夫






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