Saka No Ue No Kumo Part II

Saka No Ue No Kumo Part II

You are looking at a set of BRAND NEW,  ORIGINAL, STILL SEALED IN WRAP Japanese Drama 2 DISC box set. Japanese Languages with Removable Traditional Chinese Subtitle.

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Title: Saka No Ue No Kumo Part II

STARRING: Abe Hiroshi, Motoki Masahiro, Kanno Miho, Kagawa Teruyuki, Matsu Takako

BRIEF SUMMARY: It is 1868, the birth of the modern state of Japan after the collapse of the shogunate system which lasted for 260 years. The fifth son of the Akiyama family of Iyo Matsuyama in Shikoku is born. He is named Akiyama Saneyuki (childhood name: Akiyama Jungoro). After the Meiji Restoration, the Matsuyama domain’s public finances run out and feudal retainers live in dire poverty. It is especially miserable for the Akiyama family which has many children. However, Saneyuki’s older brother, Yoshifuru, (childhood name: Akiyama Shinzaburo) is more delighted than anyone about Saneyuki’s birth and takes good care of him. The 16-year-old Yoshifuru aims to enter a normal school (now called teachers college) which does not require school fees and sets off for Osaka. After that, he goes up to Tokyo and enrolls at the military academy before returning home. Yoshifuru suggests that his parents let Saneyuki go on to junior high school using his own allowance. A few years later, Saneyuki’s classmate and childhood friend, Masaoka Shiki (known as Noboru) drops out of junior high school and goes up to Tokyo with his sights set on Daigaku Preparatory School (predecessor of Daiichi Preparatory School). Saneyuki would also like to study in Tokyo. His wish is granted by Yoshifuru and Saneyuki enters the Kyoryu School (now Kaisei Junior & Senior High School) in Kanda that Shiki attends. One day, the two of them are invited by their English language teacher to go to the enclave for foreign residents in Yokohama. Saneyuki and Shiki see the most advanced cruiser over there and are overwhelmed by its majestic appearance …

Russia, which is pressing south, starts to build extensive fortifications in Lushun in China’s Liaoning province. Saneyuki (Motoki Masahiro) infiltrates Lushun in order to get information and is reunited with his brother, Yoshifuru (Abe Hiroshi), for the first time in years. At Lushun, the Akiyama brothers see the massive military might of Russia with their own eyes. Japan thinks that it cannot avoid conflict with Russia, and explores an alliance with England. Not wanting Russia to expand its influence in Asia, England forms an alliance with Japan in 1902. A mighty swell of changing times is about to swallow the young people of this small island nation …

Part I contains episode 6 ~9


劇 名﹕坂上之雲第2部

劇 情﹕  NHK特別大河劇《坂上之雲》(坂の上の雲),改編自1968年司馬遼太郎(Ryōtarō Shiba, 1923-1996)原著《坂上之雲》,描述秋山好古、秋山真之兩兄弟,與文學家正岡子規在明治時期長大的故事。由本木雅弘、阿部寛,香川照之主演。


《坂上之雲》描述松山出身的秋山好古和秋山真之兄弟,以及自幼一起長大的文學家正岡子規的故事,時代背景爲明治時期的日本。故事主人公秋山好古是日本騎兵之父,前半部分是三位主人公的求學過程,對好古的騎兵,真之的海軍戰術研究,和子規對於日本短詩/現代散文改革運動都有詳細的描述。故事後半,特別是在子規逝世後,集中在秋山兄弟關聯至深的日俄戰爭。作者司馬遼太郎企圖捕捉日俄戰爭的全貌,並且新一批角色登場,包括兒玉源太郎,東鄉平八郎,乃木希典等。和描寫明治維新前的日本的大河劇《笃姬》不同,《坂上之雲》正好承接下去是明治維新之後的日本 。《笃姬》時代的日本進步的方向是國內改革,看日本改革勢力是如何孕育形成,日本開始開國看世界。這一點很容易讓中國的觀衆聯想起清末中國的命運。而《坂上之雲》時代的日本則相當矛盾,一方面,日本作爲新生的近代國家爲了追趕西方列強的腳步,從教育到軍事政治全面學習西方,時代的風貌是進取自強,海納百川的學習風氣。可謂“少年之日本”。同時,日本體現出東亞邊陲島國面對西方列強競爭時的焦慮

演 員: 本木雅弘, 阿部寬, 松隆子, 菅野美穂 香川照之





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