Yume Juya / Ten Nights Of Dream DVD

Yume Juya / Ten Nights Of Dream DVD

You are looking at a set of BRAND NEW, ORIGINAL, STILL SEALED IN WRAP Japanese Drama/Movie Box Set. Japanese Languages with Traditional/Simplified Chinese/Japanese Selectable Subtitle.

*This is All Regional Code DVD. It can be played in US DVD player as well as any type or region DVD player from the world!

*Dolby AC3 Digital Sound!

*Superior Picture Quality compare to VCD or VHS.

*Traditional/Simplified Chinese/Japanese Subtitle can be switched off. It is off by default unless you turn it on.

*1 Single Sided DVD Box Set

* Special Features:
  • Widescreen
  • Scenes Selections
  • Behind The Scenes
  • Photo Gallery (No Subtitles Available)
  • TV Trailers (No Subtitles Available)
  • Staff Profiles (No Subtitles Available)

Title: Yume Juya (Ten Night Of Dream) DVD

STARRING: Koizumi Kyoko, Matsuo Suzuki, Nakamura Umenosuke, Ujiki Tsuyoshi, Kashii Yu, Horibe Keisuke, Yamamoto Kowuji, Ichikawa Mikako, Okura Koji, Abe Sadao, Tozawa, Ishihara Yoshizumi, Hideshima Fumika, Fujioka Hiroshi, Ogawa Tamaki, Taki Pierre, Honjou Manami, Ishizaka Koji

BRIEF SUMMARY:   Based on a series of short stories written by a famous Japanese author Natsume Soseki in 1908, this film doles out each story to a different director for a short 7 to 13 minute film.

The stories are very dream-like with a logic structure from dreams so it's hard to explain the "plot". In one a writer's wife announces she is leaving after living with him for a hundred years. Another has a samurai being taunted by a drunk monk. Another has a man carve a block of wood by dancing before a motley crew of weirdos. And it goes on. Yume Juya brings ten fantastical dream sequences to film with great visual and psychological panache. Representing the combined efforts of eleven directors, this outstanding anthology delves into the surreal subconscious with ten madly imaginative, reality-subverting visions that range from wonderfully wacky to nightmarishly unsettling

劇 名﹕夢十夜 DVD

劇 情﹕  夢十夜描寫夏目漱石所作的十個夢,從第一個夢到第十個夢,全帶著詭異又具詩意的氛圍;十個夜晚,十個綺麗離奇的夢境……




演 員: 小泉今日子、松尾鈴木, 中村梅之助、氏木毅, 香椎由宇、堀部圭亮, 山本耕史, 市川實日子、大倉孝二, 阿部隆史、TOZAWA、石原良純, 秀島史香, 藤岡弘, 緒川環、皮耶瀧,松山健一、本上真奈美, 戶田惠梨香




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