14 Sai No Haha

14 Sai No Haha

You are looking at a set of BRAND NEW,  ORIGINAL, STILL SEALED IN WRAP Japanese Drama box set. Japanese Languages with Traditional Chinese subtitle.

Title: 14 Sai No Haha / Juyon Sai No Haha (14 Years Old Mother)

STARRING:  Shida Mirai, Tanaka Misako, Namase Katsuhisa


Miki Ichinose (Mirai Shida) is the girl next door. She is an average junior high school second grader, who likes spending time with her friends and prefers extra curricular activities to studying.  She also enjoys dating her year-older boyfriend, Satoshi Kirino (Haruma Miura). Her teenager life, however, becomes no longer typical when she gets pregnant and decides to  keep the baby…

Everybody objects her decision to become a mother at such a young age. Her family and relatives worry about what others will say. Her teachers and classmates are only concerned with their school’s reputation. Even Satoshi refuses to accept his future role as a father. Miki feels that nobody is on her side, and almost decides to give up the baby. But she suddenly
realizes and says to herself: “Everyone is against me except for one person, the one who is inside me; my baby!”

Miki finally decides to keep the baby, and flees home to find a place to give birth peacefully. Her journey is, of course, full of hurdles: People, when finding out about her situation, begin
pointing fingers. And some even become abusive towards her. Still, as in every journey, goodhearted people are always there to help. In such a harsh situation, Miki never loses her cheerful
and positive attitude, because she already knows she will never be alone again. As Miki begins to show, she also matures mentally by rousing maternal instincts, attaining strength and tenderness as a future mother.
Following a girl’s coming-of-age story, in front of our eyes unfolds a human drama exploring the various faces of love.


劇 名﹕14 歲的媽媽

劇 情﹕她叫未希,只是一個普普通通的女初中生,幼小的身軀裡孕育了一個新生命的時候,父母、兄妹、老師還有朋友的責備聲如暴風雨般的襲來。從此她成了孤零零的一個人,她太小了,她還是個中學生,沒有人會想到她想做媽媽!每個人都對她說:「給我打掉這個孩子」,也有很多人對她說:「打掉孩子是為妳好」。周圍的壓力使她的身心疲倦不堪,但是,在困境中她默默的告訴自己:「我不是一個人,我還有他,我還有我的孩子!」她決定生下他的孩子,年僅14歲的她決心要當媽媽,但是事情並不是想像中那麼簡單,前面的道路鋪滿著荊棘,儘管如此她也不會放棄,不管遇到什麼樣的困難也改變不了她想做媽媽的決心,因為她知道自己身體裡的骨肉是她生命的全部,是無法用別的來代替的…

演 員: 志田未來、田中美佐子




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