Hikaru Hekiga + Private Detective

Hikaru Hekiga + Private Detective

You are looking at a set of BRAND NEW,  ORIGINAL, STILL SEALED IN WRAP Japanese Drama 2 DISC box set. Japanese Languages with Removable Traditional Chinese Subtitle.

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Title: Hikaru Hekiga + Private Detective


Hikaru Hekiga

STARRING: Sato Ryuta  Tsukamoto Takashi  Nakamura Shunsuke  Ai Kato

BRIEF SUMMARY:  In the spring of Showa 24 (1949), Sone Kikuo (Sato Ryuta), whose good friend, Imamura Hajime (Tsukamoto Takashi), was killed in action while piloting a Zero fighter, is overwhelmed by a sense of guilt and emptiness. Sone is posted to Orion Camera’s Shibuya research lab in a job transfer. It is only a lab in name for there are only just a few researchers and staff. However, one day, Sone encounters the surgeon Kaji Tetsuro (Nakamura Shunsuke) whose anxiety about the growing number of people whose stomaches suffer because of food shortages in post-war Tokyo leads him to suggest the invention of a camera that can photograph the stomach lining for the early detection of stomach cancer. Moved by Kaji’s passion to save lives, the initially half-hearted Sone gets absorbed in research and regains his zest for life as he faces the challenge of developing a gastroscopy. --Jdrama Weblog



Private Detective

STARRING: Takashima Reiko   Fukikoshi Mitsuru   Sakai Wakana  Oshima Yoko  Ukaji Takashi

BRIEF SUMMARY:  7 Years ago, the owner/private detective who opened the detective office in Kyoto disappeared suddenly. His wife has always believed that one day he will come back.  Trying to find out what really happened to her husband, the wife has become the detective of her own case.  As more info she gets and deeper she looks, she thinks there might a possibility that her husband perhaps was involved in a homicide where the body was removed or dumped. Maybe that was the cause of the disappearance of her husband? Searching for the truth, she is set out to Kyoto, Tokyo and Aizu where ever she thinks her husband might had once been to 7 years ago.


劇 名﹕ 私立偵探下澤唯 + 光之壁畫





劇 情﹕7年前,在京都開設偵探事務所的丈夫突然失蹤了。為了「深信丈夫有一天一定會回來的…」失蹤的丈夫親自成為偵探下澤唯(高島禮子),知道殺人屍體遺棄事件有丈夫被捲進的可能性的。尋找被糾紛捲進的說不定被殺了的丈夫的消息,從京都,向東京,並且會津。在那裡,有關丈夫的消息的想像也不能的衝擊的事實被發現!


演 員:  高島禮子  吹越満  酒井若菜    大島蓉子   川村亜紀    宇梶剛士






劇 情﹕本劇改編自06年去世的作家吉村昭的同名小說,描述在二戰結束後的混亂時期,奧林巴斯光學工業公司的技術開發人員與東京大學醫學部附屬醫院外科醫生合作開發世界首創胃鏡的真實故事。 佐籐隆太在劇中飾演奧林巴斯的技術開發人員曾根菊男。二戰中,曾根研製出了一種適合海軍使用的零戰鬥機。但是當他的校友乘坐這架戰鬥機戰死時,曾根感到深深的負罪感。此後,他過的非常頹廢。當時因缺少糧食,得胃病的人非常多。這時,一位醫生(中村俊介飾演)找到曾根,要求他和自己一起研製胃鏡。起初,曾根還覺得這種想法很荒唐。但是一想到可以救人,他就立即投入到研究中去,並重新找回了生存的意義。加籐愛扮演劇中默默支持著丈夫曾根的妻子一角。萩原聖人扮演曾根的同事,也是一名研究者。此外,市川龜治郎、寺島進等也加盟本片。


演 員: 佐籐隆太  中村俊介   加籐愛  萩原聖人  市川龜治郎、寺島進






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