Little Princess

Little Princess

You are looking at a set of BRAND NEW,  ORIGINAL, STILL SEALED IN WRAP Japanese Drama 2 DISC box set. Japanese Languages with Non Removable Traditional Chinese Subtitle.

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Title: Shokojo Seira (Little Princess Sarah)  

STARRING: Shida Mirai, Hayashi Kento, Tanabe Seiichi, Okamoto Anri

BRIEF SUMMARY: Kuroda Sara, who lost her mother at a young age, was raised by her father, Kuroda Ryunosuke, in India. She lives in a home that is like a place and is surrounded by many servants but Sara treats everyone kindly and without prejudice and is loved in return. When Sara becomes a high school student, her father enrols her in Millenius Girls High School, the Japanese boarding school that her mother had graduated from. The principal, Mimura Chieko, gives Sara special treatment because of her father, who makes generous donations, but in her heart, she detests the girl’s naivete. Sara, who is kind and excels in her studies, is also popular in school and Miura Kaito, her servant at school, is secretly in love with her too. However, on the day of Sara’s 16th birthday, she receives unexpected news … Her loving father has died and leaving her penniless and now she is forced to work as a servant to pay for school.


劇 名﹕小公主沙拉  


劇 情﹕ 《小公主》是一部灰姑娘式的兒童小說,寫的是19世紀的故事。小主人公,英國女孩薩拉·庫魯,剛生下來母親就去世,父親在印度經營鑽石礦,十分富有。在她七歲的時候,她被父親送回倫敦,在明貞女士辦的一所高級女童培育院住讀。她剛入學時,穿著像個小公主似的。可是後來傳來壞消息,說薩拉·庫魯的父親破產身亡,沒有音信。明貞女士一下子態度完全改變,覺得她成了自己的累贅,把她從小公主變成了最低賤的使女,從原來漂亮的房間趕到寒冷簡陋的閣樓上去棲身。但是在她生活困難時,還是不忘幫助別人。薩拉·庫魯儘管遭到變故,只能暗中想念父親,背著人哭泣,但是最困難的時候始終堅強地生活下去,不卑不亢,和同樣過著日子的女伴相濡以沫,互相支持。到頭來,原來她父親死後還留下了一大筆遺產,他的朋友經過許多周折,終於找到了她。薩拉.庫魯一下子又是位“小公主”,被接走了,使明貞女士惱喪不已。這本書既刻畫了心地善良、不怕困苦的薩拉·庫魯,使人對她又是同情又是佩服,又對明貞女士那種勢利小人作了淋漓盡致的諷刺。

演 員: 志田未來, 林遣都, 岡本杏理, 忽那汐里, 小島藤子





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