Ai Wa Mieru + Miporin No Ekubo

Ai Wa Mieru + Miporin No Ekubo

You are looking at a set of BRAND NEW,  ORIGINAL, STILL SEALED IN WRAP Japanese Drama 2 DISC box set. Japanese Languages with Removable Traditional Chinese Subtitle.

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Title: Ai Wa Mieru + Miporin No Ekubo


Ai wa Mieru : Touch of Love - The Little Life of Blind Couples

STARRING: Ueto Aya, Koide Keisuke, Kitagawa Hiromi, Kimura Midoriko

BRIEF SUMMARY: The drama is adapted from the book "Ai wa Mieru ~ Zenmou Fuufu no Takaramono," which covers Tatemichi's life as she developed her musical gift despite her blindness. She made her major label debut last year with the song "Takaramono." While working on her music, Tatemichi also married a blind man in 2004, and she gave birth to a son in 2006.

In the drama, Ueto's character is named Juri Tatematsu. Like Tatemichi, the character gets married and gives birth to a child, despite opposition from people around her. While raising the child, she continues pushing towards her dream of becoming a professional musician. Her blind husband, a guitarist and masseur, is being played by Keisuke Koide


Miporin No Ekubo (Miho's Dimples)

STARRING: Nagase Tomoya Fukuda Mayuko, Mantsu Kimura, Hirosue Kyoko

BRIEF SUMMARY:  based on a true story of two parents who are told that their daughter Miho (played by Manatsu Kimura) has one year left to live due to a brain tumor. The drama depicts the family's remaining time together, including the 359 letters that Miho drew before her death.

13-year-old Okazaki Miho (Kimura Manatsu), a first-year student in junior high, has four members in her family. Her mother Riko (Hirosue Ryoko), father Teruo (Nagase Tomoya) and older sister, Minami (Fukuda Mayuko). However, on the day of the school entrance ceremony, Miho experiences a sudden headache in the classroom and vomits. It is learnt from the outcome of her surgery that she has a malignant brain tumour … Even if she is successfully treated, she would have a 10 percent chance of surviving five years. Riko seems to succumb to despair. However, faced with Miho, who is fighting the illness and trying to embrace life, she renews her determination to support her daughter. Miho is presented with a picture letter set from her father, and she begins to draw pictures in her hospital bed everyday. Nurses and children gather one after another. That is how good Miho’s drawings are. Before long, her pictures are called “Miporin’s picture letters”. However, when the season changes and winter arrives, there is an abnormal change in Miho’s head …




劇 名﹕美穗的小酒窩 + 愛能看見~全盲夫婦孕育的小小生命


劇 情﹕廣末涼子將和TOKIO成員長瀨智也首次扮演夫妻。出演今年日本電視台「24小時電視33」(8月28日~29日放映)特別劇《美穗的小酒窩》。《美穗的小酒窩》講述因腦腫瘤而去世的13歲少女和家人抗爭病魔的故事。

演 員: 廣末涼子 長瀨智也  福田麻由子  田中美佐子



劇 情﹕愛能看見》是以立道聰子的半生經歷爲原型的小說改編的電視劇,劇中主角立松樹裏患有先天性全盲視覺障礙,但是也因此得到了上天的眷顧而擁有絕對音感,最終成爲優秀的歌手和作曲家。與同爲盲人的丈夫結婚後,不顧周圍的反對毅然生下了孩子,帶著一種作爲女性的堅強和忍耐力,克服種種困難,在照顧好孩子的同時也實現了自己成爲一名音樂家的夢想。

演 員: 上戸彩、小出恵介、北川弘美、キムラ緑子、田中美佐子、菅原大吉、小市慢太郎、長谷川朝晴、大島蓉子








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