Kaen, Kita No Eiyuu Ateruiden

Kaen, Kita No  Eiyuu Ateruiden

You are looking at a set of BRAND NEW,  ORIGINAL, STILL SEALED IN WRAP Japanese Drama 4 DISC box set. Japanese Languages with Removable Traditional/Simplified Chinese Subtitle.



* Special Features:
  • Chapters Selection
  • Widescreen

Title: Kaen, Kita No  Eiyuu Ateruiden


STARRING: Takao Osawa Kazuki Kitamura Yuki Uchia  Ren Osugk  Nishioka Tokuma Koyama Shigeru

BRIEF SUMMARY: During the late Nara to the early Heian period, at a time when the giant statue of Buddha in Nara was created and the capital about to be moved to present day Kyoto, a people whom the Yamato (imperial court in present day Nara Prefecture) called ‘emishi’ lived in Tohoku. They are indigenous tribal people of the north who have a distinct culture of their own and live peacefully with nature, but this peace is in jeopardy because the imperial court is trying to extend its influence all over by conquering the North. Aterui, a son of the Isawa (present day Oushu City, Iwate Prefecture) chieftain, raids and sets fire to Taga Castle, the base of the Yamato, with Azamaro and More in order to rescue his younger sister Asato who was taken away by the Yamato. Aterui succeeds, but the shock from the attack causes Asato to lose her memory. Then, More predicts another invasion by the imperial army. Aterui rises up to protect his homeland and people. Together with More, he boldly challenges the formidable military power of the imperial army. As several battles are fought, the land is laid to waste and Aterui, who loses many men, gradually starts to have doubts about the very nature of fighting. Feeling conflicted and saddened, he heads into more battles. And then, at the final battle, he and arch enemy Sakanoue no Tamuramaro, the chief commander of the imperial army, begin a climatic showdown …jdramaweblog





劇 名﹕火怨·北方的英雄 阿流為傳



劇 情﹕內田有紀成為NHK時代劇的女主角,是主角阿弖流為(大澤隆夫)的妻子,是最理解及支持他的存在。故事講述古代東北蝦夷英雄為救族群捨命和朝庭軍隊對抗。共演有北村一輝、大杉漣、西岡徳馬、伊藤歩、石黒賢、高嶋政宏等。這部劇根據作家高橋克彥的《火怨·北之耀星阿弖流為傳》改編,講述講述西曆800年左右,為拯救故鄉族人而捨命抗擊朝廷的古代東北英雄阿弖流為的經歷



演 員: 大澤たかお   北村一輝  內田有紀  石黑賢  伊籐步 高梨臨 大杉漣  西岡德馬  原田美枝子 江波杏子 神山繁  高嵨政宏  近籐正臣







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